Flower & Plant Garden Care : How to Transplant Peonies

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.


In this segment we are going to learn all about how to transplant peony plants.

Youcan call them peonies or peonies or anything you want but they are still a gorgeous plantthat blooms in the late Spring and when you transplant them you have got to realize thatpeonies like to have a massive set of blooms to bloom.

They have got to have huge setsof roots just to put off their bloom so sometimes it takes one, two, even three years to geta bloom so when you are transplanting them sometimes you have got to start all over butdon't worry they will come back eventually and I have one here that I want to transplantso that I think it will do better next year.

This peony is not doing that great.

It thinkI need to chop this tree back a whole lot and it is getting a little bit too much shadeand reaching for the sun.

So it has already bloomed with really wimpy blooms this Springand now its pretty much just sitting there not doing a lot and I'm thinking about itright now so let's move it.

So the key is to make sure that when you transplant or digup your peonies that you leave as many roots together as possible so go out a little waysfrom the plant and kind of work your way around and kind of just rock it back and forth andtry not to cut into anything and just keep digging and keep digging and try not to breakthe stem off because if there is still greenery I would kind of leave it there and even whenI transplant it that greenery is going to die back but I think by moving it with thegreenery and leaving the greenery on it it is going to give it more photosynthesis whichis going to make the roots establish more in the Fall and in the end I will have a betterplant.

So when you dig it up be very careful about it and the thing I do is kind of leaveit together.

I try not to break them apart at all unless you do have a plant that is50 years old and you have 50 stems coming out of it then you pretty much just kind ofbreak all those roots apart and you'll have lots of different blooms and if you noticethey are just little blooms, they are just little sticks so as long as you have got thatstick and that stem you are going to have a new peony.

Even if you whacked right throughthat stick and you still have some eyes and you don't have much stick left it will stillbe fine because really all that matters are the eyes.

The eyes are the only thing thatare going to create any stems.

So when I transplant it back in another area I make sure and packthem together.

I like to do two, three, four, even five plants together because then theywill be crowded and they'll do better much quicker.

So I'm just going to move this overa few feet so it is a little more in the sun.

This area is a little sunnier than the othersa few feet away and I think they'll do a lot better and it's getting to be Fall so it isa good time to transplant them and I've tried not to take too much of the dirt off of thisactually because it is growing well the roots are getting established and it is not a bigclay rock looking mass so it looks pretty Earthy and I'm going to leave it.

So againwhen I am digging the hole and I am trying to make the hole a little bit bigger thanthe roots so that when they do get planted they have something to grab on to as the rootsdevelop.

Because if it is just a hard hard compacted soil they have got no where to multipleto.

An easy trick too is putting some compost on top in the hole and above the plant whenyou plant it and it seems to do a lot better that way to.

So I'm just sitting them in andthe trick with peonies is not too deep.

You do not want to go more than one or two inchesof dirt above that eye because if you go four or five inches deep they may not bloom atall or they might not bloom for five or six years.

So that is another trick I've learnedwith peonies is never ever plant them too deep or too wet or not enough sun.

They dodrink a lot of water but in the wintertime you want to put them in a spot where theyare going to get a little bit dried out in between.

Another trick that I'm learning aboutpeonies is that in the Northwest we don't get a lot of cold Winters any more so theplants right up to the house they don't seem to do as well as the ones that are a littlebit farther away from the house because they get a little bit colder in the Winter.

Soget your peonies as cold as possible because the colder the Winter the better the bloomsand if you just follow a few simple rules you'll have peonies for years and years andyou can enjoy them too.

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