Flower Nail Art (How to draw flowers, Gel nails)

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Flower nail art Flower nail art materials Base Gel Mint colored gels The white colored gels Silver Glitter Gel Tapjel Four days Stone (Round) Gel Cleanser Brushes (round tapered shape) Thin brush (sepil line) Base Gel Blend the base gel.

Curing: Cure makes a ring using a gel nail lamp.

Minteusaek Gel Apply the gel to the entire nail minteusaek.

Curing More minteusaek will apply the gel once.

Curing White Gel Brush (brush) A gel soaked white brush draws the petals of a flower.

A bunch of flowers that draw more.

Curing Silver Glitter Gel It gives up the silver glitter gel in the central part of the flower.

Use a thin brush helps remove the line outward from the center.

Curing Apply the tapjel.

Not curing! Round four days Stone Be the center of one nail stone flowers.

Curing Gel Cleanser: Cleanser Gel buried in a paper towel or cotton pad and wipe nails.

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