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You know, there's just something about thepower of simplicity.

Just look at the beauty in that tulip.

You know, if you're reallyinto that charming, cottage look –when it comes to the garden– there's nothing betterto have than a border of flowers along a pathway.

Just look at these tulips and pansies: Twoclassic, old fashioned favorites, just on this side of the gate.

But what's so interesting,I think, if you want to create mystery in a garden –suspense, intrigue– if you wannadraw a visitor through: If you can come through a hedge or a gate, and on this side have onecolorway, and then you come through here.

And then: Boom! You see an entirely differentcolorway.

What a surprise.

But I just wanna point out one thing: Yes, it's a differentcolorway, but there are three different types of tulips used here.

On the other side ofthe gate, there was a white, a yellow, and an orange.

Here, there's a pink, a purple,and an orange.

You see, the orange is what connects one colorway pathway border to thenext border.

That's what we have here.

And take a look over here underneath the bell,because it's the same colorway that I was talking about.

And you can see the importanceof that orange in here, which I think, really is such a warm tone.

So you have this contrastbetween these cool reds and pinks with this orange–the warm colors.

That's what makesit so brilliant and attractive to us visually.

And because they're on the east side of thehouse, and they're protected from the wind, these tulips will last for a long time.

Thisparticular bed is bordered with a steel edging, and these bulbs are mulched with pine strawor pine needles.

And what's great about it is that squirrels will often try to eat tulipbulbs, and you can put a piece of poultry wire –chicken wire– 1 inch mesh, over thetop your bulbs.

And as soon as they begin to come up –and they're about this tall–you can take away the poultry wire and apply any kind of mulch you like.

And I just liketo use this pine straw or these pine needles, because they have a nice brown, neutral tone,and they don't really take away from the beauty of what you see here.

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