Flower Arranging : Small Vase Flower Arrangements

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Hi this is Susan Paxton for Expert Village.

Today we are talking about decorating with flowers.

We have talked about some of thedifferent arrangements that you can do, we have talked about silks and some of the thingsthat we can make out of silks but right now I would like to make a small vase of flowersand give you some tips of how to put one together.

This is going to be a small group of flowersso we have a small vase filled almost to the top with water and I am going to just addsome greens just to give it some substance behind it and a backdrop for the flowers.

I have some leatherleaf fern and some tree fern and it adds a little more filler to itand some depth to it.

I love myrtle so I try to do myrtle to everything I put together.

It has such a great fragrance and it also adds a little bit of height to the arrangement.

Now I have got some little mini carnations, little pink and white mini carnations thatwe are going to put in our vase and most of this can be done very simply.

You do not haveto have a lot of experience to do a flower arrangement.

You just need to know that youneed something up high and something a little lower to give it some style.

We are goingto add a large pink carnation because that would give it some height and our focal pointand as you see they go together very quickly.

We are going to add a Peruvian lily to addsome more dimension to it and there we have a beautiful little arrangement all done inpink and white that could be used in a bedroom and even a bathroom or a kitchen, anywherein the home.

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