Flower Arranging : Finishing Vase Flower Arrangements

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Hi this is Susan Paxton for Expert Village.

Today we are talking about decorating with flowers.

We have been talking about the silkflowers and different things you can do with those.

We are talking about fresh flowersright now, doing different things with them.

This beautiful vase of roses could be foryour entryway or your foyer and they are not that hard to do if you need "how to" bookswe have talked about "how to" books and how to get it put together.

One of the thingsthat I would really like to stress is to keep the water clean for your flowers.

If you areusing fresh flowers, you need to keep the water fresh.

What I have done is before Idid anything I put water in the vase that I wanted to use.

I added greens.

I added somefiller, this beautiful misty that has just a touch of purple in it to set off the redand then added my roses by layer, when you add your roses you have your tallest one andthen the next tallest ones and then shorter ones around the edge.

It is not that hardto arrange roses.

With this little topiary arrangement that could be used in any room,I have chosen a little brass bowl for it to sit in and added the floral foam and actuallytook waterproof tape and taped down the floral foam so that it will not tip in the bowl becausethis is going to be top heavy so it will not tip in the bowl.

I have added some greensof different kinds.

I have put in some lemon leaf and I have some eucalyptus and then Itook I believe there is eight stems in this topiary tree and I took a twisty tie and tiedthem together at the top and then did a french wrap with the ribbon to add just a nice dimensionto the flowers and it added an extra touch or embellishment.

I put a nice bow at thetop making sure that I covered my twist tie so it does not show.

I added a few other flowersand some other greens to add some dimension and a special touch to it.

This kind of arrangementcould be used anywhere.

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