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So even if you don't have a cutting gardenat home, you can still have beautiful flower arrangements to decorate indoors.

Even if you just go to the grocery store andyou buy a beautiful bouquet from the Arnosky Family Farms, or any other florist arrangementor grocery store arrangement, you can split that up and use foliage from your plants inyour garden to make gorgeous arrangements.

These were done by our in-house florist KelseyLeBlanc who is very, very talented at Lake Austin Spa.

We just adore her.

Here's one that she did.

She used Equisetum and bent it into angles.

The filler – we use a lot of myrtle and boxwoodis nice.

You can use Bay Laurel, Rosemary, all of thosethings.

Cherry Laurel even makes a nice filler forthe arrangements.

Then we've got some Zinnias.

Here's just an arrangement with basil.

One of my favorite basils for arranging isCardinal basil, and it has huge, purple flowers, sometimes 8 inches across.

Not my favorite to cook with, but it's certainlyworth growing.

This arrangement has more basil, zinnias,and just some sticks from the garden and a few Gumfrina.

And just a small bunch of spiderlillies canhave a big, dramatic arrangement when you add umbrella plant.

And if the umbrella plant is a little bitlarge, just pull it up and cut it with scissors and you can make it as closely cropped asyou need for your arrangement.

Another one that I use a lot in arrangementsis the Beauty Berry, but I tend to harvest them before they get really, really purple.

They'll tend to stay together better if they'reon the green side.

Trim the leaves off because they do startto look pretty limp, but don't toss those leaves away.

They have been found to have three differentchemical constituents that repel insects, so they're great at repelling mosquitoes andall kinds of things.

This little arrangement – we've got some leriopejust kind of in a handle sort of arrangement over the top.

Here's the beauty berry with some setums andsucculents.

A little Nolina strapping.

Some other things you might want to look for:Russelia, inland sea oats are beautiful, perilla, ivy, scented geraniums.

There are so many things in your yard thatI'm sure you can cut and make beautiful arrangements, so give that a try.

For Backyard Basics, I'm Trisha Shirey.

Thanks for watching.

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