Flower Arrangement Tutorial – Before you Start

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Today we're going to talk about what we needto do before we start arranging our flowers there's nothing quite like a bunch of freshflowers to bring life and colour into the home, the first thing we need to do beforewe actually start is choose a vase, so I have chosen this one for today.

There's nothingthat flowers hate more than bacteria, it clogs up the stems and prevents flow of water it'sthe flower's absolute nemesis so we need to eliminate any bacteria in our vase beforewe start no matter how clean you think your vase is it could be cleaner.

So I'm goingto start but putting just a little bit of bleach into my vase and I'm going to top thatup with water so it can really soak.

And we can let that soak while we pay some more attentionto our flowers.

So our flowers are going to be sitting somewhere in this vase.

Once wedecide the height that we want we can then start to think about cutting them to suitthe vase itself.

When we cut our flowers we are absolutely going to need a pair of secateurs.

Scissors will absolutely not cut the mustard in this scenario and we are going to cut allthe stems on an angle to allow surface area for the water to absorb.

See how I am justcutting on an angle, cutting them all a similar height.

Now we need to remove all foliagethat's going to be sitting below the water-line so I predict that I am going to fill my vaseup about half-way with water so that means from about half-way I need to strip all thefoliage from there downwards.

You can just use your hands to do this – it's very simple.

The reason why we do remove all the foliage and leaves is so that we can prevent bacteriafrom forming in the vase.

Leaves can make the vase go murky and slimy and that is thelast thing we want so I just remove everything that is going to be below the water and myflowers do last so much longer.

So now I'm finished with my flowers I can turn my attentionto back to my vase.

Empty out your bleach water and fill the vase back up with freshwater about halfway.

Now don't worry too much about rinsing out your vase because flowersdo not mind a little bit of bleach at all.

So to prolong the life I'm going to use aflower food which most people don't have in their home or you can, as a substitute, ussome standard sugar.

Just a tablespoon, plonk it in and its going to really help feed yourflowers while they're in the vase.

And there you have it – the basics of flower preparation.

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