Flores con cartón de huevos 1a parte – Flowers with egg carton

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Flowers with egg carton You hello my friends, I want to show how I made this floral arrangement only using egg cartons, we will also recycle these boards I have many and stored for several years and it is time to use them, this year propose to use everything we have stored, ¿You accompany me? For the basis of our arrangement, here I have a full house, It is very hard to bend apart from that we run the risk of breakage, then with a spray bottle with water I sprinkle a little on both sides and almost immediately absorbs water and we can bend thus we pretty white tail on this tip and we hold a large claw until dry, I also recommend you give it a layer of white glue over the entire surface, to seal the pores and therefore not absorbing paint when painting.

I use spray paint gold.

We begin with roses, I recommend you always use the sprayer with water to soften the carton, sprinkle the edges where we cut, We remove the edges with scissors and then hands separate divisions that are wider carefully, as the carton is now too soft.

Now with scissors We cut the peaks of two divisions.

Then we cut the other two were four round petals each, to which we take away the peaks, one we'll cut six petals, and we cut the last five petals.

We will be two four petals and two girls, one in six and one of five petals.

We take having 6 divisions and paste two petals found in this way, then two found, and finally the remaining two.

Now we turn a little the edges of which has five petals and paste.

We do the same with the others that have 4 petals For the leaves take a form like and cut into four parts in this way, First of two parts, click on the card to access the second part.

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