Floral Decor For Puja

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Hi, this is Srishti Kapur from Floral Artand today's theme for the small puja is white and green which is a very simple and minimalisticlook that we are giving to the house.

We have covered the entrance of the house and insidethe temple.

So, I will just take you through the preparation of this decor.

We are usingdifferent traditional flowers like this white bijlee flower which is available for thisseason and we are using these green jifree leaves which are also always readily available.

So, these leave look generally like coriander leaves.

Right now, what they are doing iscollecting them together and tying a knot to it so they become clustered bunches likethis.

And then what we are doing there as you can see is that we have wrought iron leavesand we are bordering them with the bunches of leaves which are glued to the corner.

Thenwe will be using these white bijlee flowers on the leaf to cover this entire thing withwhite colour.

So, it is all going to be white and green colour scheme.

These are the Rajnigandhastrings which are called Tuberosa strings.

These are strung together and used as thecurtain effect part of the decor.

They are called Tagar buds and he is putting them togetherto make the garlands for the God, for the different idols which are a part of the temple.

So, all these preparations are being done for a puja decor for a house.

Now, I willtake you through the design of today's theme.

We have used wrought iron leaves covered withwhite bijlee with a border of green jifree pala and we have even made small hangings out of the bijlees.

They are called Popats.

So, we have used one leaf with a lot of connection of Tuberosa strings at the entrance and we have hung a few popats here and there.

And inside in the main temple area, we have used around five leaves for connection.

We havefirst constructed a bamboo structure so that will help to support the leaves and then you can connect the leaves with Rajnigandha lines and the jifree and in the front there is atable.

We have covered the table in front of the temple with a fabric so it looks neatand clean and goes along with the decor.

We have added the white bijlee lines like a borderto it so it replicates along with the theme.

And we have also used a few popats hanging in the center, around three of them with Rajnigandha lines which adds a touch of it everywherein the decor.

You can even try something in the house by yourself.

You can maybe go andbuy some lose flowers from the local market and maybe make a small rangoli for any kindof puja.

You can even buy some strings which are ready and use them as garlands in thehouse.

Just a few tips which you can carry in your house.

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