First Date Tips : How to Give the Gift of Flowers

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The Flower in the Drawer.

How to give thegift of flowers.

This is Dr.

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Some time ago I had someone give a technique tome as to how he gives flowers to a woman.

I thought it was very very unique and I wantto share it with you.

He would put a flower in a drawer and probably in the morning shewould find it or maybe in the evening and she would open the drawer and there wouldbe this beautiful rose or whatever flower he would decide.

She was surprised and shockedand happy about it.

It wasn't just a here I have something for you, that's not effective.

Another way is to hide a flower behind your back and when you see the person you bringout the flower or you kiss them and hold their hand and put the flower in it.

Those are techniqueson how to give a flower or flowers.

Now if you are in the beginning or situation of arelationship you may be at the point where you are not yet giving that rose or rosesso you use wild flowers or you put them in the windshield wiper of her car and by theway ladies it is very very flattering for a man to get flowers.

They don't even knowwhat to do.

I recall the first woman that gave Dr.

Paul flowers.

I married her.

Thatwas then and this is now but I want to tell you something that is a highly effective thingfor a woman to do to give flowers to a man and I know many of you have done this butI know more than this most of you haven't so give it a go and you might like it.

Thisis Dr.


May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow.

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