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Hello to all.

Today we show you howWe achieved this Lily in sugar paste.

We used two types of florist wires.

The first type we have it divided into greenfour shares and the second type Gray we have broken it into two parts.

Spennelliamo the wire with edible glue.

Take a roll of sugarpaste, we introduce the florist wire in sugar paste and we go to thin it up towhen it will not have the same length Stencil that we will use forpetals.

We work the tip and then we divide it into four The bend slightly and put it todry.

Now we use the green wire you see,they must be the half-cutter length, fall back the tip, in this way at 90 degrees.

It should be about half a centimeter.

We create all these rolls equal which must be approximately two centimeters length.

we mark them and we introduce the wire.

And these will be the pistils Lily.

Now let them brush withedible glue at each point, Over and under, and then We sprinkle them of coffee powder.

Even those we put them out to dry.

We work so all six the pistils.

We go to meeting other rolls of paste.

Roll out sugar paste and we set aside, in this envelopefrozen foods, so as not to dry out it.

Now we obtain with the cutter the petal.

We are going to assemble the wire.

We use the veiner for submitting agrain our petals.

We process the petal edges using a ball mid-size tool.

The petal is ready and we set aside because it dries.

As you can see we have used twostencils expulsion the right one for three petals, onethe left for the other three more leaves petals.

We use now, to assembleall, the florist tape.

Beforeuse it as we pulled to activate the glue.

And now we go to insert the pistils.

Shall be long half thestencil of the petals.

Then add 2 pistils and doa ride with the florist tape well pulling the tape.

For each round we add 1 to 2 pistils.

We need to add them all of the same size turning the tape florist alwaysto the base of sugar paste.

When done we add the first threepetals.

First round first petal.

Add a petal and do aAnother round with florist tape.

as you see the wires are completelyhidden from the tape.

When finished we cover completely the wire.

We settle the petals and let'sadd the last three petals.

The first three petals were createdwith the most big cutter, the last three with the cutter morelittle.

When you arrive the last three petals go again to coat all with the tape.

now we settle again the petals and with a pair of tweezers also we settle the stamens.

Let the coloring.

We haveused two types of pink to give this shade, with a brush flat blade, go to color the central part of each petal.

With green dye powdergo color green the central part of the flower and the tips of the petals.

Finally, with a food marker,let's go to include these points.

Coloriamo also the pistil green.

We will now also show how to makeleaves.

With the same cutter we used for smaller petals we create leaves we are going to affect the cutter.

We can also introduce the wire,with the technique we have seen in Previously for the petals, and assemblethe full flower with tape.

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