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Hi, my name is Hannah and welcome back tomy wedding scrapbook.

My theme is on beautiful wedding accessories made at home.

Today, Iam going to show you how to make this absolutely gorgeous bouquet, which is made out of roses,made out of fabric.

And it may not smell quite as good, but it will last a lot longer.

So, from my pink fabric I have cut a strip.

And this is about 12 centimeters by about 70 centimeters.

I've just cut that quite roughly,and I need to iron that out so that it's nice, and tidy and flat.

And now I've ironed thatso it's nice and flat.

I'm just going to fold it in half, across that line.

And don't worryabout all these edges.

They will be completely hidden and tucked in by the time we make ourrose shapes.

So, again, I am just going to iron down, to create a nice line down themiddle of our fabric.

So to make out the rose shape, we need to grab our freshly ironedpiece of fabric.

And we're just going to roll it up.

Literally, just roll it.

So take oneend, and just keep rolling.

And you can bunch it up slightly as you go to make more of arose shape.

And just keep rolling it, until you get all the way to the end.

And as youcan see there, there's a really pretty rose shape.

And I'm just going to roll that cornerover, so it looks like a neat edge.

And grab one of my elastic bands.

Again it doesn'tmatter what color you're choosing because you will not see them in the end, they'regoing to be covered up.

And I'm just wrapping that elastic band around the end of my rose.

So there, we have the beginning shape of our rose.

So, now I've made my rose shape.

I'mgoing to put some wire through the middle of it to wire it up and bunch them all together.

So I have my heavy-duty garden wire.

So we have to cut about 35 centimeters of that off.

And sometimes it can be a little bit tricky depending on the thickness of your fabricto put the wire straight through the middle.

So my trusty trick is to use a bamboo skewer,and just push it through.

And it just kind of loosens up the hole a little bit.

And I'mgoing to pop through my wire, and hopefully that should just follow that hole.

Yes itdoes, that's lucky.


And I am going to curl around the end of this, quite widely.

So it kind of gets caught in the middle.

And so it kind of acts as a barrier to stop itfrom pulling all the way through the rose.

I just need to pull that through to there.

And there we have our first wired up rose.

So our next stage is to cover the outsideof the rose with some felt.

And it kind of neatens it up, makes it look quite nice.

It'slooks like a leaf shape when they are all bunched up together.

So we need to grab therose that we wired up.

And then you kind of need to do all of this by eyes, not actuallyby specific sizes.

And you need to wrap roughly the felt around the outside of the rose.

Aboutthis wide, 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters squared.

And just double-check that againstthe rose.

And we need to make sure that we are covering up the elastic band.

So thatshould do the job.

So I'm going to glue along the outside of this felt square with my gluegun.

And then I'm going to lay my rose over there and were just going to cover up thatelastic band and just keep wrapping that around.

And then we got a kind of nice leaf shape.

It's quite pretty.

So now I've made a collection of about 14 roses.

And as you can see we'vegot all of our stems there.

And we need to basically bunch them up like you would doa normal bouquet of roses.

So we kind of do a flowering arrangement here.

So I'm goingto start off with the big ones in the center.

And I'm just going to work my way out.

Andyou can just make really, a pretty design.

Just keep going around.

And what is lovelyabout these is that they will last forever and ever and ever.

And they're quite prettyto have.

You can make smaller versions for the bridesmaids and bigger versions for thebride.

And what will be quite nice is you can spray them with perfume or essential oilif you do want to smell a little bit and be a quite pretty and nice.

So now I have bunchedthem all up in the design I want.

I need to twist all of the wires together.

And I'm justgoing to turn them back on themselves.

So we can see it's making a bit of a handle.

And there may be some stray, longer wires.

Wrap them all, all around like that.

And then,just make sure they're all sealed in together.

I just got some tape and wrap it on the outside.

So this might look really ugly but you'll never really see it so you don't need to worryabout it.

I'm just going to wrap around the tape around the wires and just make sure they'rereally secured.

Nothing's going to fall apart or you know move.

And then we are going tohide all of this ugly tape with our final piece of felt.

And we are going to fold itover kind of like leaves around the outside.

Just really beautiful.

So put layers of glueon that bottom corner and just fold it up into our bouquet.

And then you need to gluedown this side.

And just wrap that around.

So again this is kind of pretty much doingit by eyes.

You just have to see this really.

And I'm just going to glue down from the sideshere.

And were just going to roll that around.

And you just want to pull it so it's quitetight around the base.

But its got some loose bits up around the top.

So we can make somepretty, petally, leafy shape there.

So as a finishing touch we can add a little bitof ribbon around the outsides.

So I've got some pretty green ribbon here.

And you probablyneed again about 30 centimeters roughly.

And I'm just going to tie it around the outsideand do a lovely, long bow on there.

And there we have our exclusive handmade rose fabricbouquet.

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