ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS – Water lily saved from extinction

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In environment news, a United Kingdom scientistensures the survival of the world’s smallest water lily.

Extinct in the wild, seeds ofthe thermal lily were safely kept in storage.


Carlos Magdalena, Senior Botanical TropicalHorticulturalist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, used the seeds to grow the tiny plant at theGardens, which are located in Kew, just outside of London.

He searched for months to findthe ideal conditions before succeeding.


Magdalena now plans to repopulate the plantin its native home in the hot springs of Rwanda.

The tiny plant has pads about 1 centimeterwide.

Its satin white flowers have a canary yellow center.

Our sincere appreciation, Mr.

Carlos Magdalena and all Royal Botanic Gardens assistants involved, for saving this preciousspecies.

May the beautiful thermal lily beautify its natural habitat for eons to come.

Source: Youtube