[EngSub] Sisters Over Flowers ep1 with Henry clip

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Henry dressed up like a waiter Da da, do I look like a waiter? I need to meet my sisters I have an idea I disguise myself as a waiter I put a napkin on my forearm If they order food, I’ll serve this for them Want know can they recognize me or not How is it? Okay? Good Need a practice How are you? Fruits are here Fruits are here Bon appetite Gung xi fa cai (wish you have a prosperous year) I would be succeed What’s your expectation from being a porter? I expect he’s not shorter than 1.

85m I don’t want a standardized handsome guy I don’t like newbie Can Henry get Sisters’ loves? Don't shorter than 1.

85m No standardized handsome guy I don’t like newbie How would you like to arrange jobs for these two porters? I know nothing about the porters; would those guys carry the luggage for us? I didn’t watch the first season, so.

Room service Who is that? Coming What’s going on? Where should I put the food? I didn’t order this Someone ordered this Do you ordered this? I’ll put it inside She doesn’t recognize me Please sign here Okay What should I do? Thank you I place it here for you Here, thank you Sorry for disturbing you Thank you I can help you to move it out or just leave it here? I’ll take out What should I say? What’s the matter? Tips I don’t have any money I can show you my purse I only have USD It is ok We're going to abord It is ok Look, I only have some USD & a passport I've no money I couldn’t even give the tips for the luggage earlier It's ok Sorry Or l can give you 1 USD Thank you Let me help you Thank you She still hasn't recognized Henry who is the porter What’s going on? Isn’t he the new porter? Who’s that kid? She has not recognized you Hasn't she? She hasn't recognized me? Was she pretending? She noticed something was strange outside She opened the door and made sure There was no one Room service You’re the porter, are not you? How are you? How are you? Sorry You’re the one.

who called? This kid was born in ’98, right? No, I was born in ’89 You’re born in ’89.

You look so young Yes You are going to be 30 soon.

28? 27? Yes You look young too Thank you Why didn’t you recognize me? Sorry, I’m old I don’t know much about youngsters It’s all right, thank you for this It’s ok, a present for you.

Happy new year Gung xi fa cia You’re in a Korean group Yes I’ve heard about that but I haven’t seen it Nice to meet you Me too I heard you're fierce Fierce? I’m not fierce You’re not fierce.

You’re beautiful Thank you What’s your name, Henry? Yes, I'm Henry Do you have Chinese name? My Chinese name is Liu Xin Hwa Liu Xin Hwa.

Good, I’ll call you XiuHwa Xiu Hwa is fine.

I can’t remember English name Dahwa Okay Dahwa Or you can call me handsome guy No way, you’re not so handsome A big hurt inside Thank you, can I eat it? Is it pretended? Sure, you can eat it.

Just order Thank you I heard that there’re many sisters need my help.

That’s why I’m here Just to let you know, no need to be worry I don’t need your help.

Go and help the beauties If you help me, I would worry more Because you’re ….

Oh my god Trouble is on the way A trip with a kid During the vacation, how to say vacation in Chinese? During the vacation You won’t have any problem Do you know why? That is because I’m here Good.

Thank you Thanks.

I’ll introduce a beauty to you Another sister? Very beautiful.

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