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My mom would never eat this she'd be like "Daniel! you go buy me something from Chanel!" Haha! It's the thought that counts.

Ahh! Good day everyone! And welcome to todays video, here with Mr.

Daniel! Hello! Hello there! So due to the fact that mothers day is just tomorrow Mother! Mother! Err.

We thought it would be cool to do like a DIY that kinda has to do with mother's day but is also a really fun thing to do.

So we're making edible flowers! YASSSS! QUEEN! We're making them out of starbursts, laffy taffy and potentially airheads! And then we have these like.

Sticks But I'm so excited because this app that I'm absolutely obsessed with, Best Fiends which I talked about before, wanted to do another sponsorship with me.

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But here is a little clip of me playing and probably being a little frustrated trying to beat it.

Ok so basically this game, there's a whole bunch of different levels with different objectives of things that you have to do mostly just defeating these like big black slime things with your little cute creatures that all correlate to a colour and the more colours you connect the stronger it is.

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Honestly it's very addicting and you'll love it.

But, let's get on with the DYI, shall we? We shall! First thing's first, you're going to have to.

I'm (Unintelligible) That too.

Uh, the Starburst and these candies are pretty tough, and you're going to be like, 'malleable-ing' them.

Is that a word? No, I bought you that dictionary, you need to go read it.

I make up words! It's fine! Manually? Manually? Malleable, that word! Ok, anyways, So Daniel was like, "Oh what if we just leave them outside in the back yard in the sun and they'll become squishy?" Just for a few minutes Yeah.

Not longer than like ten minutes It'll just melt.

Oh my gosh! This is like a little finger workout! So this is what I'm doing, What colors are you doing? I'm just gonna do them all.

Oh, I'm doing pink.

*Laughs* By the way, you should probably wash your hands before this.

Yes, wash your hands.

*Laughs* You're like, "Hey mom, I was just wiping my butt before I filmed this.

" I made you this dirty edible flower So, the Laffy Taffy and potentially the Airheads are going to be like the leaves of it, And the colored Starburst are going to be the.

*With Emphasis* The Pet-als No, yeah, is that what they're called? Petals? Petals, yeah.

Daniel's the flower expert.

I'm a florist This is actually like pretty tough Whoa! A big ball! *Gasps* Whoa! It's a thickum' Camera woman, are you seeing what he is doing? This is, that's a thickum'! That's outrageous! So, we are just going to basically just be squeezing these, we'll catch up with you guys in just a few.

*Sighs* Ok, this is actually like a huge long workout.

I have arthritis.

Honestly, ok so I found a technique that actually makes this a lot quicker.

So here's your like, thing, If you do a little twisting motion like that It like totally makes it easier for you to squish *Demented whisper* The Starburst in your fingers Well thanks for telling me that little hack.

Daniel's making his so, oh! You're like, *Claps* He's not following the directions, he's just going at it.

Ok, so I'm going to start with my flower.

So the first step is to take, uh, one of your Starburst and like bend it into like a Hershey's Kiss shape.

Like so! I don't know if you can see that.

But hopefully the closeup camera can.

*Laughs* So, yeah, you make this the center of the flower, and then you want to flatten some other pieces for the petals.

Let me tell you something, this air conditioning is making these things get hard.

They're getting so hard so fast.

*Groans* Oh Holy Lord.

So I flatten this, little flat pancake and wrap it around the Hershey Kiss-le Like this! Gorgeous! She's so beautiful! My mom would never eat this, she'd be like, *Accented* "Daniel, you go buy me something from Chanel," *Laughs* It's the thought that counts.

Is it? Ok, so Honestly, this is something that I would do as a kid for my parents.

Because I actually did do this, but not this exactly, You made your mom flowers from gum you found under tables.

I found a carrot in the fridge, carved a face in it, and then like, got some like blue makeup, and then I put it in like one of those quarter slots.

You're a witch.

you made her a voodoo doll.

No I was a witch! I was also a witch as a child and I made potions.

No, I was a witch too, I first saw Hocus Pocus and I'm like, "You know what? Me.

" It looks like a duck, hello! Quack quack! Oh yeah.

Ok, you duck's lips.

What would you do for Mother's Day as a child? *Gasps* Oh my god I would, uh, make her breakfast in bed.

Oh! Oh my god that brought back a memory.

Ok, so I was like making breakfast in bed and Joey as like an eight year old? should not have been using a knife.

I was cutting an apple and it like went right through the apple and I cut like a big slit in my hand, and I nearly passed out.

Aw, poor you.

So I ruined my mother's Mother's Day because she had blood all over her breakfast.

I was cooking since I was five years old.

Ok, so I just keep wrapping these around, What, what is your technique? My technique is doing the petals first.

Mine I guess is turning into a tulip.

Tiptoe through the tulips.

*Sighs* We need the sunlight in here, we need to put these in the friggin' oven.

Oh my god, this is actually, I'm living for this! Do you see? I mean I don't know any flower that looks these colors, I have never.

*Laughs* Five hundred colors! Honestly, I don't know how I'm going to make a whole bouquet of these.

Because this is hard to make Well, Mom, you're just getting a single rose for a dollar ninety-nine from CVS.

So yeah, you just make it into this flat pancake, take your group of petals, and apply.

This actually, I'm impressed.

This looks cute, I would never probably eat it, maybe just don't tell your mom that you made it with your own hands.

Formed it with your dirty hands.

*Laughs* It's so painful! *Gasps* This is everything! That looks so cute! I live for this.

And then I'm going to squeeze the sides together.

*Exclaims* Living! So now that I have the petals, I'm going to work on the leaves, of this flower.

Which is what the Laffy Taffy's for.

You found the right word.

I did? Yes.

I'm a good boy.

Wait, so tell me more about how you would do Mother's Day.

Well, unlike you, I was a master in the kitchen since I was five years old.

And I would always make breakfast for my entire family.

*Gasps* Literally.

I freakin' hate opening Laffy Taffy! Why are they so sticky? Wow! Daniel yours is cool! Thank you! Ok, I'm really trying to shape this into a leaf right now, with real difficulty.

Use it, do it with the knife.

Like, push it, push the edges.

Oh! Smart! Making room for your edges, You're using both the knives, not sharing.

Sharing is caring.

So, I now have my leaves formed, they're kind of stuck to the table.

and I'm going to take my knife and add little leaf details in.

So here's my flower.

Here's my leaf.

Let's, uh, let's attach it I guess? *Gasps* That actually looks cute, right? I'm living! Laffy Taffy's much easier.

Laffy Taffy is weak! She's a weak leaf! She's just floppin'.

She's a flop! (Both) She's a flopper! So I'm pretty sure my flower is done.

This is everything! *Whispers* Gorgeous.

Ok, so, since I'm done and Daniel's still on his.

Oh yours is cool though.

Yours looks like a Dr.

Seuss flower.

Leave me alone, it's a dahlia.

Now I'm going to.

Lose its virginity.

By sticking in *Laughs* this stick.

You're gonna pollinate that flower *Laughs* I'm gonna pollinate this flower! *Demented Accent* Oh, it's going in there! Watch, I'm gonna try.

Oh she's being pollinated Isn't she? Polynesia! *Gasps* Ok, and now you just make twenty more of these and it'll only take you a whole day.

But then your mother will know that you worked hard.

Oh, wow! There she is! Off Camera: Can you tilt it up a little? Off Camera: Yes.

Wow, gorgeous.

Ok, now we're just waiting on Daniel to finish his flower.

Alright! Daniel has now finished his flower It's a what? It's a dahlia, not a poinsettia! I don't know flowers! Oh! My flower got a little treat.

So you can actually refrigerate these, to make them look.


To make them like chilled.

To make them last longer.

And just hold their state.

Wait, let's get close ups of both of ours, and then we'll do the taste test.

Alright you guys! Well I hope you enjoyed us making these flowers, I hope you guys wont, oh, uh are you going to taste test? Piggy! Let's try it! Ok, ok.

Let's try it.

Oh! The Laffy Taffy's good.

Tastes like my fingerprints! Mmm! *Chewing Noises* This actually a really good idea.

The pink Starburst, they're so good! Try mine.

Your's is really pretty.

Thank you! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, If you did please give it a big ol' thumbs up.

And that's all for today! Uh, I will see you all tomorrow.

Good damn bye!.

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