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Hello! Thank you for stopping by today.

Iam Smitha and I blog at smiling colors and today I am showing you how you can paint themost easiest watercolor flowers.

This is very beginner level and a super simple technique.

I am making a set of of Thank you cards for bridesmaids in the process and will walk youthrough the steps.

I have trimmed some watercolor paper to be4.

25 by 5.

5 inches in size – the standard A2 size.

And I went ahead and printed a sentimentonto each card here.

I will have a bonus video showing how you can print such sentimentsoff of your computer on my channel this week.

For the watercolor flowers- you need 4 things-water, a brush, Tombow Dual brush pens and a blending palette.

Choose two colors for your flower.

you needto choose two colors with a high contrast- so I am going to start with a pink and a purple.

Scribble the darker color onto the palette.

Use the lighter color marker to pick up someof the purple.

And then draw a spiral circle onto the paper.

The two colors blend and youget a slight variation of color here.

Now wet your brush with water and spread the coloraround, let the water to the work.

The flower will dry and have many shades of pink andpurple.

With my brush I am adding an abstract flower like shape, but you can let it be acircle as well and it would look beautiful.

Now I am going to repeat this process, I liketo add 3 flowers of each color in my bouquet.

And try to scatter them all around, and keepthe flower sizes different- like two large flowers and one smaller flower.

Thats aboutit, these flowers are really simple.

Try not to go back in and fuss with the flowers toomuch.

Resist that temptation.

Let them dry imperfectly it all adds to the charm.

These Dual brush pens self clean, so you don'thave to worry about staining or spoiling your markers.

These pens are water based and hencework so beautifully for this technique Now these blobs of color don't look much likeslike flowers, but once you add a few leaf shapes- the whole thing starts making moresense.

I like to add in a few berries or tiny circles all around and make them watery withmy brush.

Now that we have flower bouquet shape- itis time to make the flowers have a little more definition.

The color has already driedon most of these, so I am picking up some of the marker color from my palette and addinga few strokes to each flower.

Don’t think too much here, just add a few arcs of coloronto the flowers.

This makes it look like the flowers have petals and adds dimensionand depth.

And these should be quick strokes.

Remember we have set of notecards to makehere.

Now that I have the first card done, I amputting it aside to dry here and now I am going to go ahead and paint the other 3 cardsat once.

I am going to speed up the video and show you a quick view of the process.

Since I now have an idea of the colors I want to use and the placement of the flowers, Ipicking up color and drawing the spiral circles with my Tombow Dual brush pens on all 3 ofthe cards at once.

I change colors and finish drawing the whole entire bouquet of flowersquickly here.

I have listed the color numbers I have used in this particular card in theYoutube description box below in case you are interested to recreate something likethis.

Now I am picking up water with my brush and painting in all the flowers.

When youhave an assembly line like this, it goes much faster.

I think these cards a great way toadd a personal note to your bridesmaids and friends and you can use your wedding colorshere as well.

To finish of the cards, I chose a brown shimmercard from this set by Die cuts with a view.

I love these cards because the inside is whiteand the outside has shimmery shine to it.

I am trimming our flower panel just a littlebit, about quarter of an inch smaller on the bottom.

For the sides, I had to trim 1/8 ofan inch off each side and I used this white area here as my guide.

I adhered the panelonto the card by using some Tombow extreme adhesive.

Final touch- to add a pop of contrastto the flowers and tie the sentiment in, I adding tiny black centers to all of the flowersusing the Tombow Mono Permanent marker.

And thats it.

Here is a look at the final cards.

This isan easy technique and I hope you give it a try.

You could even use watercolor crayonsto create this effect.

I have been watercoloring more and more thesedays and I am enjoying it so much! I did realize that my past few videos here have all beenabout card making and I will try and do something new next week.

Leave a comment below if youhave an idea of what I should do for my next weeks video.

Thank you so much for watching and I willleave you today with a playlist of all of my watercoloring videos.

I hope you enjoyit.

Happy crafting my friends!.

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