EASY & PRETTY Coffee Filter Flowers DIY

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Hi guys, this is Shay with Throne and Thimble,and today I've got the easiest coffee filter flowertutorial for you guys.

And these are all over Pinterest, there'sso many different versions from really intricate rose ones, to just plainpuff balls so this is a really easy way to make it stilllook flower-like but it is very very easy to do.

Make sure to stay till the end, I'm gonnashow you a couple different variations, and how you can create totallydifferent looks with the exact same technique.

Let's get started! So you will need coffee filters, I got a packof 100 for $1 at the dollar store, a stick, skewer, or floralwire, scissors, if you want to leave them whiteyou definitely can if you want to add color you can use watercolors, you can even use food coloring, or watereddown acrylic paint and your glue gun.

I'm going to be using this really cheap oldwatercolor set that I had laying around, but it works justfine.

So I'm gonna go for kind of like a peachypink, more of like an antique rose color so I'm just mixing in my colors in my watercup and that's what I'm going to be using to dipmy coffee filters into once I reach the color that I like so I'm just adding more pigment to the cupas I go along and I'm adjusting it, gonna make it a bitmore of a dusty color that should be about right gonna take my coffee filters, I'm gonna bedyeing these 3 at a time because we're going to be using 3 filtersper flower just flatten them out, fold them a coupletime, and I'm going to be creating an ombre effect so I'm just going to be dipping the tip part and I'm gonna be going about a third of theway through and I'm gonna let the colour seep througha little bit.

This is pretty light, it's going to get alittle bit darker as it dries so I'm going to put that aside to dry.

Here's the fun part, here's where you canreally decide what kind of flower you're going to end upwith fold it in half, in half again, and you'regonna decide what kind of petals you want.

I'm gonna be showing some variations at theend, but for right now I'm going to stick to somereally simple petal shapes.

So I'm gonna grab my scissors,and I'm gonna say about let's do 3 petals across.

Just gonna divideit roughly into 3 sections, not going all the way in, and then I can really refine it and createmore of a petal shape so round it out around the corner, and repeatagain on this side, and keep going for each oneof your petals.

[music] Right, so we've got our petal shapes all cutout and we're gonna open it up, and if you needto, fix anything, or if there's any areas where it didn't quite cut out correctly like aroundthese folds where it didnt cut all the way in, I can goin and fix that, but it really is as simple asthat we've created our petal shapes, the next thingis were gonna grab our skewer, push it through the centreof all 3 and we're ready to start gluing.

We've got our 3 coffee filters loaded andready to go we've go our glue gun, I'm just going to squirt a good helping of glue right along the perimeterthere and push it up towards the tip of our skewer and bunch it up together.

And I'm just gonnamake sure that it comes in contact and keep all the petalstogether for now just make sure you give it a good squish aroundthe base where all the glue is and give it a minuteto cool down.

In the meantime, we're going to keep going-so filter number 2 got our glue, push it up towards the end,and give it a good squish make sure that it comes in contact, wait forit to cool down and filter number 3, glue all the way around, move it up, and squish it around the perimeter and just make sure that the base is on theresecurely so that the glue comes in contact with allthe areas to make sure it stays stuck together and stuck to the stick as well.

You can also add silkleaves, or you can use green ribbon for leaves, orjust leave it like that, that's totally fine but that's pretty much it! Just give it alittle bit of a fluff and your flower is pretty much done, and youcan see the really cool ombre effect with the concentrationof color in the centre and the white tips.

I'm gonna show you a couple more variationsyou can make with the same technique.

There's a lot of different variations youcan create with these one of the variations you can create is by changing the way you cut your petals out for example when you make these long skinnypointy petals the result is going to be a lot fluffier, kind of like a dahlia shape like this you can even create more of a petal shapebut with a little bit of a zig-zag or scallophappening at the ends and that's going to create a little bit moreof a carnation shape like that.

One of the other variations you can create is by changing the number of coffee filtersyou use.

This is the flower that we just made with3 filters and here is an example of what it would looklike with 5 so a lot fluffier, creates a lot more volume, a much nicer rounded shape.

You can dye it different colors to create a totally different result.

So I really hope you give this fun DIY a try these are awesome for centrepieces if you're having an event or a wedding coming up you can also utilize these as wall decor if you make them without the stick So let me know in the comments below whatyou think and stay tuned for more flower tutorials thismonth.


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