Drawing Tips : How to Draw Iris Flowers

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Hi, I'm Laura Pace, I'm here at Asel Art Supply,and today I'm going to give you a lesson on how to draw an iris flower.

Something interestingI found out about the iris is the fleur de lis that we see on the symbol of The Cityof Saint Louis, The City of New Orleans is really an iris flower.

The Medici use thatas a symbol for their family, and when Marie de Medici went to France and married a Frenchking it became the symbol of French royalty.

It's really a good depiction of an iris flower,because iris flowers have three upright buds, three upright petals rather and three fallpetals that hang down.

I took apart an iris flower and this is what the different petalslook like.

The petals themselves are very fragile and crapey, they're thin as a pieceof tissue paper and they kind of drape like a piece of fabric, particularly the falls,they have a strong central vein that somewhat defines their shape, it helps to hold theupper petals upright, and the particular species of iris I drew is a bearded iris.

It's calledthat because it has a little fuzzy beard that fits over the falls of the flowers and containpollens.

When this flower is all put back together the upright petal form a little chamberand the falls fall down below those upright petals and the fuzzy beard fits right on topof the petals.

These bottom fall shaped petals really have kind of bell shaped to them, they'rewider at the bottom than they are at the top, and they have kind of a ruffly edge.

Now togive realism to your drawings of flowers you what to draw not just the flower itself, butalso the stem, the leaves and the opening buds of the flowers, so I drew those in here.

The iris has a very strong fleshy upright stem, and typically you're going to see thebud cover below the blooming flower, it looks like a brown piece of tissue paper that'skind of crumbled but attached to the stem there.

The iris has big sword shape leavesthat stick up almost as tall as the flower.

And here is a picture of what an iris budlooks like before it opens up.

It almost looks like an umbrella that's folded up, it's verypointed on the end and it has some green leaf coverings on either side.

This is what aniris plant looks like when it's growing up out of the ground.

It grows up out of a stemcalled a rhizome, which looks something like a piece of ginger root if you've ever seenone, kind of a gnarly wooded root with rootlets growing out of it, and the leaves grow uplike a big fan directly out of that root.

So that's my lesson on how to draw an iris.

Go get yourself one from a florist shop or get some photographs and practice drawing.

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