Drawing & Illustration Tips : How to Draw Exotic Flowers

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Joel Hickerson, grindog.

Com and today we aregoing to learn how to draw exotic flowers.

First thing we'll try is an orchid.

It isa little simpler than most.

You have five petals usually on these and they kind of havetheir own shape.

The thing about them is they also have a stamen that comes out and kindof steps out on its own, come back and delineate each different petal.

Remember there is fiveof them and kind of have a crease in the center and there are a million ways to simplify thesethings and this is a little more detailed than we probably need.

These petals may haveleaves that come out to the side like that, darken them up a little bit to distinguishthem from the flower and then another one might be some little exotics and you can getthose by doing little starbursts and let's find little stars there and you can bringthe petals down in the same location or their stems, excuse me, go on down here to the samepoint and then you get that look.

Then the last one we will probably try is The Birdof Paradise which has a stem that kind of comes in from the side and it has a coloredpart that actually comes up the middle and actually comes a little farther and theseon the sides are actually leaves whereas these are the colored ones.

Now look at what weget from there.

That's how you draw exotic flowers.

Source: Youtube