Drawing & Illustration Tips : How to Draw Different Kinds of Flowers

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Joel Hickerson Grindog.

Com and today we'regoing to learn how to draw different types of flowers.

We'll start with an easy one,let's say the daisy.

Now a daisy is a real basic shape, circle in the middle, and ithas elliptical petals all the way around it.

So you just come back in, you draw the daisy,and you draw the petals around the daisy.

Now that's about as simple as it gets.

Youcan come back in and shade in a dark center.

You can even kind of put in the crease inthe petal, do it in the middle if you want to.

Next one we might try is a tulip, anda tulip is another easy one.

Where it's just a simple ellipse, a little cup at the bottom,stem coming down, one or two leaves.

Now come back, cut the top off of your ellipse, anddraw little simple shapes, come around, and you might come back in and shade in the insideso that it looks more like a tulip.

Maybe even put creases on these petals, okay.

Sothis is a daisy, tulip, and we come down to a carnation.

Still not very hard.

Basicallydo a little explosion type thing in the middle and then you just keep them going out untilthe carnation ends up being the size you want it.

And then again with the stem and a carnationleaf of two at the bottom.

That's our carnation.

Then baby's breath, which are super easy.

They're just like little star-bursts.

You get four or five of them, you can draw littlestems coming down on those, too.

Maybe some little bitty leaves.

Okay, so baby's breath.

I'm not sure if that's the official name or not but you guys know what I'm talking about.

Last one would be a rose, and again you have your ellipse.

Now you kind of do a littlecork screw in the middle, and then do like you did with a tulip, only these have moreaccentuated folds.

It goes out, now with this guy you bring it out and down, down.

Erasesome of these lines that you don't need anymore around your rose.

And flesh it out, againwith this you want to show the interior.

There's always a petal or two on the inside as well.

Cool thing about the rose is on its stem you get to add thorns, and a leaf or two, butthe thorns actually remind everyone that maybe had a doubt that this is a rose.

And that'sat least five different types of flowers.

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