Drawing Flowers: How to Draw a Rose With Pencil – Fine Art-Tips.

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Hello my friends and welcometo another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto andI am very glad to see you again! Today we will draw a rose.

We start by doing the general shapeand then we draw the petals from the center out.

These have more or less a spiral shape.

Each new petal covers the last one.

Every rose is different, thereforeyou can make up your own.

On one side let´s do a petal come outfurther, to give it a little bit of movement.

Very well, now let´s start shading.

I love shading! The lower part of each petal,will be dark because it is in shadow, while the upper part will be catching light.

Let´s do some more petals on this side,and let´s keep shadowing.

You can smudge the pencil with a stump,if you want it smoother.

Petals are not always eventherefore if you want them more realistic, give them some folds.

Some borders may turn.

We´ll continue shading,I am not going to smudge this area to be able to seethe texture of the pencil.

By the way, the complete listof materials is in the information bellow the video.

We darken some shadowsto increase the illusion of the volume.

We give it the last detailsand it's ready! Please let me know in the commentswhat do you think about it.

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