DIY tutorial kanzashi.Headrim with kanzashi flowers

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Hello my dear friends, my name is Oksana Dmitrieva.

Today we are going to decorate the headrimwith kanzashi flowers.

Let's make the petal.

Square piece of ribbon with side 5 cm foldin a half by diagonal and fix by the fire.

Fold the triangle in a half and down the tipslike this.

We got 2 folds.

Up the center point of the petal and jointhe tips with the center part of the petal.

Cut the bottom and fix it with the fire light.

Cut the petal here angle then fix with thetwizers both of the edges and fix them above the fire.

Nip the top part of the petal by the twizers.

Bring it to the candle light for a time.

For the headrim we need to make 33 such petals.

For the center part of the flower we needto make petals from the square pieces of the ribbon with side 4 cm.

The method of making them is the same as wemade before.

We need 27 such petals.

Prepare the square pieces with side 4 cm fromthe green organza ribbon.

Fold the square in a half by diagonal andfix the tips with the fire.

Then fold the triangle in a half and jointhe tips with the center.

Cut the bottom and fix it with the cendlelight.

And cut it here angle then fix it with thefire too.

Make 12 such petals.

Glue together 9 small petals.

The light-blue petals glue to the felt circlediametr 3 cm.

And glue together 3 green organza petals likethis.

Make 3 twigs from the 12 petals.

Now glue together all the details of the compositionwith the hot glue.

Glue the small flower on the big flowers.

Decorate the flowers with cute half-beads.

Then glue the flowers to the headrim.

Glue the twigs from the green petals amongthe flowers.

To fix the flowers well on the headrim weneed glue here the felt circles diametr 3.

5 cm each.

The diy tutorial is finished now.

We got really beautifull headrim.

Thank you for your attention.

I wish you a creative success and see youin the nex tutorials.


Source: Youtube