DIY Room Decor: How to Make a Cute Flower Pillow

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(cheerful music) – Hi guys, it's me, Ann.

So in today's tutorial,I will be showing you how to make these big flowers right here, where you can put them on toss pillows, or you can do whatever you want with them.

But I was inspired from an Etsy seller, and she specializes inmaking these huge big flowers that you can put on canvas or on pillows and they just look so pretty.

So if you guys are toolazy, or you don't have the time to make your own, you can totally check out her store.

I will put the link onthe bottom of this video.

Other than that, I'm going toshow you how I make my version and this is just a greatway to incorporate prints and color into, you know, one room.

Okay guys, so let'sstart with the materials, and first of all, I will beusing one yard in felt fabric.

Now I found these differentcolors from Joann's Fabric store and the reason why I amusing felt is because felt is easier to form.

Next I will be using a throw pillow, and I found these from Ikea,but you can get creative and use anything you like:different prints or colors.

Just get creative with this.

Next, for tools I will beusing a hot glue gun of course, and some glue sticks to go with it.

You will also need apair of sharp scissors.

Sharp scissors are a must because you will be doing a lot of cutting.

Next, you will need sometemplates, and these templates are available on myblog, Lifeannstyle.


You can go to my blog,I upload it for you, I drew these out foryou, all you have to do is print them out, and cut them.

Okay, so have your template ready, and use that as a guideto cutting the petals.

Place the template on the felt, and cut out the shape around it.

To save fabric, flip the template around like so along the way.

I cut out nine of the large petals, six of the medium, andten of the little ones.

You don't have to use thesame exact amount I use.

This is just what I felt worked for me.

So, get creative and do whatever you like, but this is just my foundationon how to get started.

So now it's time to start building up the flower from the inside out.

Take three of the small trianglethat you cut out earlier, and one-by-one curl the tiptogether to form a cone.

Flip the cone over and fold down the tip, then glue it inward.

Go ahead and cut out anyof the angles sticking out.

Repeat this for the other two petals.

Next, it's time to layerone on top of the other.

I will be forming a bud.

As you can see, I amtaking each cone I made, and topping it one on the other, almost like a tulip.

You want the petal to be placedevenly all around the base.

As I'm going toward the center of bud, I want to make a smallertriangle, so that way the inside of the bud can look smaller.

So basically what youwill need to do is just trim your existing triangleto make it look smaller.

So I'm basically doingthe same thing here, except I'm just makingit in a smaller form as I go in toward the center.

Now it's time to take therest of the small triangles, put two dabs of hot glueon the inside of triangle, and then pinch the sides in together.

Just like how I am doing it right here.

This will give the petalvolume and texture.

After making the petals, glue them to the bottom of the flower.

Cut one-by-one, alternating the tops to make it look like a flower.

You can also do this byflipping the bud upside-down and then glue around the bottom of it.

(cheerful music) Next it's time to continue the learning with the medium petals.

Like the small petals,put two dabs of glue in the petals and thencinch the side together.

Remember that this doesnot have to look perfect because the less perfect it look, the more realistic it will look.

Make sure to glue these petals one-by-one, wrapping it around the flower cup.

(cheerful music) After finishing the layerof the medium petals, finish it up by using the same technique to the large petals.

(cheerful music) Your finished flower can be used for more than just pillows.

You can either pin or hotglue this to your pillow, depending if you want thisto be permanent or not.

You can also use this as a wall art, or whatever you like, enjoy it.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

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Love you guys so much, and I will talk to you next time, ciao!.

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