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<b>(♪ Light Music ♪)</b> <b>One of the hottest trends</b><b>that you're going to see today,</b> <b>whether you see it on Pinterest,</b> <b>or you see it</b><b>in the department store,</b> <b>are felt flowers.

</b> <b>But, you know what?</b> <b>We've turned those felt flowers</b><b>into pillow jewelry.

</b> <b>I'm going to show you today</b><b>a simple way</b> <b>to take some pretty simple felt</b> <b>and turn it into</b><b>some beautiful flowers,</b> <b>like we've done here</b><b>on our pillow.

</b> <b>So let's get started.

</b> <b>Now the felt comes in just</b><b>an absolute rainbow of colors,</b> <b>so you can choose whatever</b><b>you want to go with your decor.

</b> <b>So I'm going to start</b><b>with about a 6-inch circle,</b> <b>and I've cut that</b><b>out of the pink felt</b> <b>that we're going to use.

</b> <b>And then what</b><b>we're going to do is,</b> <b>we're going to take</b><b>a nice, sharp pair of scissors,</b> <b>and I'm going to start at</b><b>the very edge of that circle</b> <b>and I'm going to just</b><b>curve around that,</b> <b>like you'll see I'm doing here.

</b> <b>And we're going to keep it</b><b>about an inch wide,</b> <b>and we're going to just cut that</b><b>all the way to the very end,</b> <b>and then that's where</b><b>our flower's going to start.

</b> <b>So here's what you can see</b><b>what we've actually made.

</b> <b>So I have this pink flower started,</b> <b>and we're just taking a running</b><b>stitch all along one edge,</b> <b>and as I gather it,</b><b>then I'm sewing it to itself.

</b> <b>So, you can see,</b><b>I'm just taking some stitches,</b> <b>and I'm just sewing it around</b><b>this way,</b> <b>and you're actually</b><b>kind of shaping this rose</b> <b>as you go along.

</b> <b>I want to turn it over</b><b>and show you the other side.

</b> <b>So we've just kind of</b><b>twisted that middle in</b> <b>and taken our stitches.

</b> <b>And now I've got a second way</b><b>for you to use that same circle</b> <b>that we cut into that spiral,</b> <b>but this time</b><b>we're going to do it</b> <b>with a hot glue gun</b><b>and a glue gun pad.

</b> <b>So we're going to take</b><b>the end of the felt,</b> <b>and we are just simply</b><b>going to twirl it</b> <b>and put it</b><b>right next to each other.

</b> <b>And you can kind of see here,</b><b>it's kind of making a cone.

</b> <b>So what we're going</b><b>to do is</b> <b>we're actually going to take</b><b>the hot glue gun pad</b> <b>and we're just going to</b><b>put a puddle of glue</b> <b>about the size of a quarter.

</b> <b>So now, what you want to do is,</b> <b>we're going to actually</b><b>press our yellow flower</b> <b>down into that hot glue</b><b>and make sure it's stuck well,</b> <b>and don't try and pull it up.

</b> <b>Leave it to sit there</b><b>for 3 or 4 minutes</b> <b>or until it's really hard</b><b>and you can pull it up.

</b> <b>I've got one more little trick</b><b>to show you.

</b> <b>These are our blue flowers.

</b> <b>Now what we've done is</b><b>we just took some petals,</b> <b>and you can cut out</b><b>any shape you wanted.

</b> <b>and I'm just going to take</b><b>black floss</b> <b>and I'm actually just making</b><b>a running stitch</b> <b>all the way around the edge.

</b> <b>When you get to one of the ends,</b><b>then what we've done is,</b> <b>we've just kind of pushed</b><b>the edges together</b> <b>and wrapped that around,</b> <b>and then continued</b><b>to the other end.

</b> <b>So when you have</b><b>5 or 6 of these made,</b> <b>then you can just lay them</b><b>on your hot glue gun pad</b> <b>and glue them all together</b><b>for your last flower.

</b> <b>And I'm going to actually glue</b><b>all of my flowers onto the felt</b> <b>and then cut out around them.

</b> <b>Then that piece of felt</b> <b>is what I'm going to glue</b><b>to my beautiful piece of ribbon,</b> <b>and then we just have it</b><b>tied around the pillow</b> <b>with a pretty bow.

</b> <b>So it's a great way</b> <b>to change out a pillow</b><b>for a different holiday.

</b> <b>And, actually,</b><b>I think it looks kind of cozy.

</b> <b>I bet it's going to be really</b><b>nice to lay on by the fireplace.

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