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Hi, this is Ashley with Apostrophe S and todaywe're going to be making the Bella Bloom.

So what you need from home is a pair of scissorsand a pencil and some glue and a glue gun.

Then what you get in the kit is all thesepetals and leaves you get a couple little wires and one big wire.

We'll start off todaywith this big wire.

This is going to be your stem.

So the first thing that you'll grabis this long strip of green.

So this long strip of green is going to cover up your stem.

All you're going to do is grab the end of it.

Grab your hot glue gun and just do a littlestrip and glue this on.

Then you're just going to wrap it and stretch out this crepe paperas you wrap.

Just kind of roll it on there.

You can glue as you go as well.

That way itstays nice and tight.

It's okay if it gets a little wrinkled in there.

That's fine.

Justkind of keep wrapping.

Eventually it will look like this.

So the next step that you'regoing to do is you're going to get this piece of gold metal petal and this is going to beyour inside.

Your going to lay it out flat, and you want this gold part to be on the inside.

So you'll do, what you'll do again is just glue another little strip, and I already gluedthis one down.

Just glue a little strip and then you're going to wrap it up around theend of this, just like this.

Just wrap it all the way.

This one you don't have to stretchout.

In fact, you shouldn't stretch out.

Just wrap it on kind of tightly.

It's okay if it'snot wrapped perfectly, because then it will just kind of give it a little bit more characteras you go.

Just kind of wrap.

You can do a little dot of glue, so it stays a little longer.

Oh, my glues falling out.

A little dot and just keep wrapping.

We also included a littlefinger protection guide too, because this foil gets kind of hot with the hot glue gunand we don't want anyone getting burned.

So just kind of keep wrapping.

Do a little glue.

You want to wrap it all around and then glue it tight.

Then the next petal that you'll grab is this,the darkest pink one, and it's all connected.

You'll do the same thing that you did withthis one.

You just take it and glue it on.

This one you want to take and glue it on about,keep it about a half an inch from the top.

You'll glue them and wrap them all aroundand kind of glue as you go.

You want to kind of stagger them so they're not sitting directlyon top of each other, but they can overlay a little bit.

Just like that.

Then once you'vefinished you'll have one that looks like this.

So, to get this little bend in these petalsso they look a little bit more natural, you're just going to take the middle of the petaland just kind of grab it.

You may have to hold the stem in between your legs, but justkind of grab it and just stretch it, just a little bit.

Grab that center and stretchit with your two thumbs and your forefinger.

I'll kind of hold it up close so you can seeit a little better.

You just kind of stretch it.

This will make it so it just kind of hugsthe center of the flower.

You can kind of stretch out these petals and you can see thenice gold color in there.

Once you have that done you're going to start adding your nextpetals and you'll grab these ones next and you'll start placing them on the same way.


What you want to do is take these and this is where your pencil comes in, and you'llkind of take the edge of this and make sure the pink side, the darker pink side is out,facing you and just roll the edges down, like so.

That just kind of gives it that nice bend.

Then you're going to do like you did with the other petals and just kind of bend it,but you're going to bend it towards you so it petals up just like a natural petal would,would lay.

Then you'll just take your flower and you'll place it on here.

You want to makesure that it stays the same height up as the middle.

You don't want to go any much higheror too much lower.

You want to keep it about there.

You'll do the same with the next sizeup, until it eventually looks like this.

And you can see they're not on there perfectlyand that's really fine.

Just kind of glue them down to this base.

It kind of gives ita little bit more natural look, when they're all staggered like that.

Then you'll continuegluing with these bigger sized as well.

I like doing them one by one.

I'll take themand roll them.

Roll the edges down and just bend this middle.

And as you start going out,you can start going a little bit higher up from the stem.

So these ones I'll start placinga little bit, so they get farther out from the middle.

And as you start going out youcan also take them a little bit higher as well, so it kind of gradually builds and youget that big flower.

Eventually, it will look like this.

Okay, so now I'm going to show you how tocover up this bottom part.

You'll take the leaves that look like this.

There's threeof them in the little package.

Move these out of the way.

So there's three of those.

You'll take them gently and you'll bend them the same way you did the petals.

Now justbend them in the middle.

Just stretch them just a little bit.

These ones you don't needto roll the ends as much.

You just take them and just kind of roll them down the middle.

It will just kind of make it look like they naturally lay like that.

Then, so you've gotthree of them here.

Then you're going to take them and you'll just glue them.

Put a littleglue down here at the base and glue them and kind of wrap them around this center.

We'lldo this.

The glue keeps falling out here.

So take it and just kind of wrap it aroundthe base like so.

You can see how that just kind of nicely covers that up.

You'll do thesame with all three of these.

Just glue those all down.

That way it covers that base upso you don't have to see that.

Then the final step will be to make thoseleaves that wrap around.

So you'll take your two wires and these leaves.

they're two differentsizes.

You have a bigger one and a smaller one.

You'll do the same thing.

Just kind ofslightly bend them like so, and then you'll flip them over and you'll just do a reallythin line starting in the middle.

Just do a thin line of glue.

This is where that fingerprotection comes in handy.

So you just put that piece of wire on there.

Get it in thereand just let it cool for a second.

This way you can have a nice bendable leaf.

Then eventuallyyou can just kind of wrap them around the stem like this.

And you'll have a couple ofleaves that sit nicely.

Then you also get a vase in your kit that looks like this.

Youcan just put your flower in the vase and you have the Bella Bloom.

Alright, this has been Ashley with ApostropheS.

Make it yours.

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