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– Hey everyone, how's it going? It's such a beautiful day out today, so I want to take you guys out with me, and we can work on this DIY together.

So since Mother's Day is coming up, I thought this will bea beautiful DIY to make for yourself, or for your mom,or somebody that you love.

This is a really really neat backdrop.

We're making a flowerbackdrop or flower frame, where you can take selfies orjust decorate it in your home.

This is really pretty, Ikind of imagined how this would turn out in my head, but, you know, this is going to be my veryfirst time making this, and hopefully it will turn out well, and not a disaster, so fingers crossed.

If you guys haven't checked my last video, I also did a Mother's Day DIY, how you can customizeor personalize aprons, and I did a collab withmy cupcake addiction, so definitely check thatout, if you guys haven't I will link that video down here, and also toward the end of this video.

So let's go ahead and let's make this beautiful flower frame.

Alright, so for this video I have a frame that I used in a previous DIY.

I will also use some Christmaslights so you guys can definitely re-purpose oldChristmas lights for this.

And I found a whole bunchof beautiful fake flowers at my local craft store,and I just love flowers.

These flowers will last you guys forever.

Lastly, I will be using this garden fence, and you can find this at alocal home improvement store.

It's really light as you guys can see, or I'm just really strong.

(laughs) Alright guys, so before you get started, make sure to heat up your glue gun and have it ready for you.

Okay, so let's take out the picture frame.

I'm going to turn this upside-down.

Now, with the garden fence, place that over your frame, and see how much youwill need to cover this.

So you want a little bit,like about an inch or more to overlap your frame.

Once I determine how much I will need, I'm going to cut it off.

This is pretty easy becausethis is made out of plastic, so I can just use a heavyduty scissor to cut this.

(cheerful music) So for this next stepyou can use a few methods to have the fence stick to your frame.

You can use a nail and hammer, or you can use a heavy duty stapler and I found this from myhome improvement store, and I'm just going tostart with one side first.

Well I'm going to startwith the corner actually, and press this in.

Oh man.

(laughs) Alright, now it's timeto put in the lights.

Now you don't have to do this part, but I thought this wouldmake a nice addition.

So, I just need to untangle this.

(laughs) Alright, so now I'm going toput in my Christmas lights and I'm going to place it from the back, and have it stick through the fence.

Now I'm going to use some electrical tape and just tape the lightson to the fixture.

(cheerful music) Alright guys, so this islooking really good so far, make sure you have a little pigtail left over from your lights so that way you can plug it into the wall, or use an extension cord to do so.

Our next step now is to, I'm going to move this to the side.

Alright so the next step you wanna do is take out all of your fake flowers.

Pull off or cut off all the flowers and also pull off all the leaves.

Alright guys, so now that I have a whole bunch of pretty,pretty flowers here, and I'm ready to glue themon to my flower frame.

So I added on a littlebit extra electrical tape just to make sure thatthe Christmas lights are attached to the fence, and now I'm going to flip this over.

It is now time to glue on the flowers, so starting with a corner of the frame, I'm going to arrange theflowers in a pretty way.

So I like to start with thebigger pieces and the leaves.

You know, scatter them a little bit.

You want to mix some textureand colors into the mix.

It's looking really pretty, soI like what I'm seeing here.

And then with the leavesand the bigger flowers, I'm going to glue them first.

(cheerful music) So if some of you guys are concerned about the safety part of using the lights, and how it could be, like, a fire hazard, I recommend for you guys toget LED Christmas lights, it's a lot more safe and it's not going to overheat, or any of that.

Definitely you want to read the box, and see if it is somethingthat is safe to use, Some outdoor lights are saferto use than indoor lights, so you might want to consider, you know, the safety of the lightsthat you will be using.

(cheerful music) Alright guys, that is it for today.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY; I definitely did, and I'm so glad that youguys can join me this weekend for this new DIY project.

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Thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you guysnext week, ciao, love you.

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(cheerful music).

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