DIY.Kanzashi flower tutorial. flowers from ribbon.Brooch

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Hello my dear friends! My name is Oksana Dmitrieva.

Today we are going to make the brooch with the flower from the ribbons.

All the materials wich i use you can see on the screen.

Let's start from making the petal.

The satin ribbon width 5 cm cut into a pices10.

5 cm.

Fix the edges with the fire light and turnit on the inside to your face.

The top tips join with the center and foldit in a half.

Fix the bottom tip with the candle light.

Than leave the extra edge in 1 cm and cut off the detail angle like this.

Fix the cut edge with the fire very good.

Turn the detail like so and hide this edgeinto inside.

Now make 3 folds in the center of the petallike so.

Cut off the front edge of the petal and fixit with the fire.

We shall make 10 such petals.

Glue 5 petals to the felt circle diametr 3 cm.

Under this petals row glue anothr 5 petals between the petals of the first row.

To decorate the flower i make the branch from the beads different size.

Choose the color of the beads nice looking with the color of your flower.

Thrung 10 beads on the wire and twist it a few times.

On this tip of the wire thrung the clear color bead and twist it again.

On the another tip of this wire thrung 10 beads too.

Repeat this actions again and again.

The branch is consist of the 3 twisted eyeledsand 2 beads.

The branch is ready.

Just make a final twiston the tips and cut off an extra tips if it is nessecary.

Glue the cute center with the adhesive polimer [edhisiv polime].

Now we shall decorate the flower with this brunch and the silver leafs.

Cover the inside of the flower with the felt circle diametr 5 cm.

Now glue the brooch pin to the composition.

I recomend to use the adhesive polimer glue.

На этом МК цветка закончен.

The tutorial is finished now.

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See you in the next video!Bye!.

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