DIY.Kanzashi flower tutorial.Bouquet From the callas flowers. The head from ribbon

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Hello my dear friends.

My name is DmitrievaOksana.

Today we will decorate the children's head-bandwith callas flowers.

All the materials you need you can see onthe screen.

Let's make the callas flowers from the whiteribbon width 5 cm.

The pcs of ribbon fold in a half.

Find the center.

Join the top corners with the center.

Fix in this position under the candle light.

Turn the triangle and fold it in a half.

Join the corners together.

Cut the edges of this triangle by the linewich divide it into 2 parts.

Fix really good this edge using the fire.

Turn on the another side this detail.

You can help yourself some thing, for exampleuse the tweezers, pen or spoon with sharp tip.

The center part of the flower we make from the yellow ribbon width 2.

5 cm.

Cut of the edge of the ribbon like this and fix it under the fire.

Using the tweezers twist the ribbon in the inside.

Spread some glue in the bigging and in the end.

Join the yellow stamen with the white flower.

Spread the glue on the bottom tip of the stamenand insert it into the flower.

We need 8 such flowers for our composition.

Than we shall to make the sepal from the green thin ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in a half and cut off the edge like you see in the video.

Fix really good this edge under the fire.

Turn the leaflet on the face side.

The sepal is ready.

Now we make the leaflet from organza fabric.

Fold the ribbon in a half and cut off the extra edge like so.

Fix the edge under the candle light.

Turn the detail on the face side.

This isthe leaflet.

For my composition i used organza in 2 colors.

They are Light emerald [em(ə)rəld] color and bright green color.

The need quantity of the leaflets you can see on the screen.

Let's prepare the flowers for making the composition.

Spread some glue on the bottom of the flowerand insert it into a sepal.

Complete all the flowers in this way.

Use the felt fabric oval shape as the basis.

Glue the leaflets to the felt basis.

Now complete the bouqet from the flowers.

To make the composition more cute add theorange bow in there.

Fix the edges of the ribbon under the candlelight to prevent the damage [damij].

Join the edges with the center.

Drop the glue in the center and fold the ribbon in a half like this.

Spread some glue by the sides and join them with the center too.

Fold another piece of the ribbon in a half.

Drop some glue and stick it to the bow.

Wind the orange organza ribbon around the center.

The bow is ready.

Just glue it on the flowers.

All we shall do is to glue the flower compositionto the head-band.

I pointed the need place by clips where iwhant to place my flowers.

Spread some glue and stick the flowers totha head-band like this.

The DIY Tutorial is finished.

Today we made the cute flower composition for the head-band.

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Wish you creative mood and see you in the next video!.

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