DIY Ice Cream Flowers – Man Vs Pin #91

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What's up! Rob here for man vs.


The show where I make all of the Interesting s*** that you see onpinterest and that's all I do as a Productive member of society.

This is my life.

Seven days a f***ing week.

My purpose here on planet Earth Apparently is to f***ing test all the goddamnpins on pinterest.

That's where I ended up Oh s***.

I went to school, for what? Forthis?! What is this?! This is your own private hell.

None of this is even real.

I didn't f***ing ask you.

Amiya suggestedthis weeks pin: ice cream roses.

A bunch of you Liked it up so here we are.

F***in hey why not? I've got friends who are brain f***ing surgeons.

Saving people's lives.

There's others that are like marinebiologists? Who swim with whales.

I'm just gonna- I'm just gonna make some ice cream roses.



Now I couldn't find any tutorials online just a ton of videos of people filming other People making ice cream roses.

So I had to figure this s*** out on my own.

Step one: get whatever ice cream scooper tool That is.

I headed to the store andpicked up What is known as an anti freeze icecream spade.

It's flat, it's got a little curve in it.


Got it.

Once I got that thing, Iheaded on over to the grocery store and Holy s***.

This hole f***ing Aisle is icecream.

This whole f***ing side is ice cream as Far as the eye can see.

This is amazing.

F***ing America.

What?? Airheads ice cream?! Where the f*** have I been? Bubble gum swirl? What?! Moon pie ice cream? When the f*** did Klondike come out with Klondike smores? Unbelievable, the s*** that they had.

So I'm gonna pick up some strawberry ice cream to make a nice Little pink flower petal, and then thislime sherbert to create a little bit of leafage.

Aaand maybe some chocolate and vanilla.

You know, you never know.

I'm getting thesquare tubs of ice cream because that's Kind of what they have in the videos andit looks like that maybe a little bit Easier to slide the scoop in and kind ofcreate those pedals a little bit more so I'm sticking to the squares and thenlastly picked up the sugar cones.

When I Got back home the first thing I did wastake the ice cream and open up the Container so that I could access itbetter.

Then with my new ice cream spade Began packing the cone.

Then with the spade I began to sheer off thin layers Of the ice cream and then attach them to thecone.

Kinda you can even just slap it on There and then you mold it in a littlebit with the spade thing.

Then you slice Another little thin layer and then youput that one over it and then you kind Of want to blend them in a little bit andyou just keep on putting put more layers And I don't know this is looking- this is looking terrible.

Well f***.

Alright this first one did not turnout.

This next one This next one didn't turn out too muchbetter.

Actually this one this one looks Worse than the first one.


Throwing some green sherbert on there.

Kinda help.

Not so much.

Alright uh.

Moving on.

Between you and me and I kind of thought this was gonna be easy You know f*** it.

I'm eating this f***ing ice cream, I can touch it as much as I want.

So now I'm using the spade to justshave off the little flower petals that I'm just gonna f***ing mold this s*** with my hands.

Oh yeah this is the way to go.

Itdefinitely looks better.

F*** this Spade This is the way to do it if you're not aprofessional.

I got the chocolate next and so thischocolate one actually came out pretty f***ing Awesome.

This looks pretty fuckinggood you guys.

This is quality I mean it's not the f***ing best but for my third, fourth, fifth, cone over here.

This is pretty good.

Guys, this may be my new path in life.

I'm rethinking this whole YouTube thing.

I could move to the Caribbean, open Myself up a little ice cream flower shop by the beach.

I can live on the beach Makin ice cream roses.

What the f*** am I doing here!? This is an idea.

Rob's f***ing ice cream flowers.

Why the f*** not.

Oh god.

Brain freeze.

Brain freeze.

Brain freeze, brain freeze, brain-.

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