DIY Glow in the Dark Flowers – Man Vs Science #6

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What am I even doing.

am I f*cking painting a house or am I f*cking doing a science project I don't even know anymore what's up I'm Rob you're watching man vsscience the show where I get to unleash my inner nerd all over the place yeah that f*cking kid right there don't fool yourself we are all nerds especially Rachel who? who has beensuggesting this project for almost a year glow-in-the-dark flowers.

Rachel who? yournumber is up Now you may remember doing a similarproject when you were a little kid in school with celery sticks and food dye classic first science experiment I remember the first time I saw that sh*t and it blew my f*cking mind The world was filled with such wonder and possibility back then what the f*ck happened now I sit in a lonely room talking to myself and to a billion invisible people ahahahaha oh sh*t oh sh*t ugh f*cking invisible f*cking people oh f*ck I bought myself some flowers whichwas kind of weird but oddly somewhat nice of myself all these are for me you're so sweet I got a few differentvarieties of some white flowers being a scientist I'll of course use thescientific names what the f*ck was that voice my scientist voice mmhahahahaha ok.

losing it let's keep on moving I got some dianthus caryophyllus – and some bellis perennis and then uh whatever the f*ck these are I grab some highlighters as well that I started taking apart with a pair of small pliers just popped off the back slid out the little cartridge andsqueezed its contents into a cup whoa! whoa whoa whoa watch out Jesus oh yeah, you get both sides there, you start kind of from the middle and then you workyour way out to the end oh you f*cking cup f*cker god damn itthis is a f*cking mess things are f*cking slippery hard to grip andyou squeeze them and this is a bunch of bullsh*t holy sh*t now if you try this and you getany of it on your skin don't worry about cleaning it off becauseit doesn't f*cking come off no this stuff doesn't come off this is what it lookslike after I washed my hands like three times so there's that who needs gloves not thisguy condoms for your fingers there it's justit's weird eeeeeeyeah I added some water to my cup and just like that I had myself someglow juice is this toxic you may ask I don't know what the f*ck are highlighters madeout of? Chemicals I'm assuming.

floraseen, pyranine, rhodamine 6GD duh After I made a few more cups of glow juiceI trimmed down my flowers and put them in all the different cups and that's itthat is it it's out of my hands now I am letting f*cking science take the wheel it's all up to you nowscience so we wait however while we wait that childhoodcelery and food dye project got me thinking can I just make someglow-in-the-dark f*cking celery? Is that possible? I've got to go back to the store I wentback to the store and picked some up but while there my super scientificexperimental super brain told me to try this on other vegetables as well I gotsome cabbage I got some broccoli I got somebroccolini whatever the f*ck that is what the f*ck is broccolini broccoli and whatcombined zucchini f*cking science I also picked up some asparagus wouldasparagus work I don't know uh we're going to find out though I got home and made a bunch more cups ofglow juice and inserted my vegetationals and let them soak for almost two days I came back a couple days later brokeout the black light let's see how this sh*t turned out holy f*cking science Batman look at this sh*t nothing really f*cking happened you f*cking kidding me I mean you can kind of see it a couple little specks here and there uh the carnations these were supposed tolike, f*cking light up like god damn Christmas trees I mean yeah you can kind of seeit around over here but god damn it science what the f*ck I mean these f*cking bellisperennis f*ckers these f*cking things a couple of little spots you can definitely see alittle bit of it around some of the flower tips and tiny bits but nothingnothing like the f*cking picture f*cking flower bullsh*t science what a f*cking let down honestly I don't even give a f*ck about these flowers anymore all I can think about are the goddamnglow-in-the-dark vegetables let's f*cking see how those things are doing holysh*t what is happening over here look at these f*cking thingsglow-in-the-dark cabbage those look awesome holy f*cking cabbage glow in the dark celeryright over here kind of uh apparently this broccoli is nothaving it nor is this mutant broccolini the white asparagus however f*cking loved that sh*tlook at these f*cking glow-in-the-dark asparagus.

asparaguy? What's the pluralof asparagus asparaguesses the green asparagus not so much that f*cking cabbagethough am I right this is some f*ckingscientific groundbreaking sh*t and it's happening right here on this show you f*ckingsaw it first glow-in-the-dark f*cking vegetables this is the future i honestlydon't even know what category of science this falls under chemistry botanygeometry magic who the f*ck knows whaaat new experiment is it edible and does ittaste good that's why we do science here goes nothing I tried the uh whiteasparagus to start has a little.

has a little bit of a crunch toit a little bit uuuuh all in all pretty pretty f*cking tasty that'sdelicious the cabbage on the other hand uh it it kind of tasted kinda tasted a little bit like mygrandmother which sounds kind of weird but she used to make cabbage a lot so *gagging and coughing* you know ugh science it's delicious ugh well there you have it if you wantme to glow-in-the-dark anything else you know let me know about it in the meantime if you have seen anyscience out there that you want me to remake here on the show let me knowabout it in the comments below always taking suggestions if you want tosee more man versus science be sure that you like up this video and subscribe ifyou haven't already are you watching are you seriously watching this video andnot subscribed to the channel who does that hit that up and I'll see around herenext time.

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