DIY Fabric tulip, for Grandparents Day (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #302

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Today I will show youhow to make tulip made from fabric.

I made it by request from my viewers.

We need:.

Sheet of paper.



Drinking straws.

Threads, needle.

Cotton wool.

And fabrics.

Draw a shape of petal and leaf on the paper.

Cut them.

Redraw petal on the fabric, 2 times.

Cut them.

Now, redraw 2 leaves.

Cut them.

Cut a strip of green fabric.

It should have a length of drinking straw and around 3 cm of width.

Sew the leaves together.

Do it on wrong side of fabric.

Leave a hole at the bottom.

Turn the fabric right side out.

Put drinking straw on the leaf.

Sew the edges of leaf to the half of height.

Fold the strip in a half.

Sew the edges.

Leave a hole at one end.

Turn the fabric right side out.

Put the drinking straw inside.

Now, sew the petals together (on the wrong side).

Turn the fabric right side out.

Put cotton wool inside.

Put the end of straw inside it.

Sew the hole.

Put leaf on the straw.

And it's done.

Tulip can be a nice gift for various occasions.

Bouquet made of fabric tulips looks really great.

You should use a soft fabric.

Cotton will be perfect.

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