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Hi everyone, I'm Anli In this video, I will show you how to make my favorite craft flower bouquet Which you can see in Anli Tour Home where I shared with you my favorite flower bouquet That could make any ugly background become cuter and prettier for your selfie If you see this simple and easy to do, don't hesitate to make one of this Materials to make this bouquet is very simple and easy to find around you Now the first thing we really need is this glue gun You can buy this gun at the stationery shop, it's very cheap Just about 50 thousand VNDs The glue stick isn't included, so you also have to buy it Next is this flower string You can find this in the craft flower shop There are many of this, and it's very cheap We will wrap this flower string around the stick to make it look like a tree And this stick is also an important one Do you know the mannequin in the clothing store? This is actually the mannequin support, up here is the body where they hang clothes up for you to see in their shop We take advantage of this when they don't need it anymore I think this would very expensive, so if you know someone who don't need this, just ask them for it And then it become our beautiful flower bouquet The next thing we need is a sponge to arrange our flowers which is very easy to find in any flower shop The next thing is a pair of scissors And a knife I'm sorry but this is the best knife I can find in my house How ugly! And the last thing is definitely flowers You can buy in a certain number, for example, these roses you can buy 10 or 20 flowers very cheap, just about 40 or 30 thousand VND I bought these a long time, I couldn't remember the price About these tiny flowers, you can find in flower shop, when they make a big flower bouquet there will be some leftover, you can ask them for these and turn them into our beautiful bouquet Step 1: cut this sponge into pieces It sound so creepy OK We get one piece like this, then just plant it on the stick.

like this OK, after the sponge stays firmly on the stick, half way done We will.

wrap this string around the stick Stick the end of the string into the sponge to make it steady Lately we will put some glue to make sure it stay here Wrap the string like this, try to make it like a really tree Notice to turn the flower out Then wrap the end of the string around these legs like this And this little string here, just hook it on this part, it will stay firmly, no need to put any glue.

That would be OK Now we get a cute tree here, look like a real tree, right? After 5 minutes, the gun is hot and glue is ready Use this gun to put some glue down here to make sure the flower string and the sponge steady Now it's time to arrange flowers Stick the big flowers in first Then the tiny ones to cover spaces among them After 20 minutes, this is Anli's work Very simple and easy to do, right? Hope you can make a cute bouquet like this You know that Anli really like this bouquet, because it's very helpful We can take it everywhere We don't need any background, just this simple bouquet, you can have a perfect selfie picture Hope you love this product.

If you have any idea of any interesting product, please share with me below I will read and reply all of your comments Thank you for watching, please look forward to my other videos and support me more Now bye bye and see ya.

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