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Hi, I'm Laura Lee.

Designing a beautifulfloral arrangement can seem like an impossible task for beginners.

I'm hereto give you a few tricks of the trade from one of our top floral designers tomake it a little bit easier for you.

The rule of odd numbers is alwaysimportant to remember when designing your floral arrangement.

The largeflowers that you use in your arrangement are called the focal points and here wehave five.

Proportion is also very important.

A good rule of thumb is to make sureyour arrangement is one and a half times the height of your container.

Floralstems have wire built in the plastic so you'll need floral wire cutters to cutthem.

When cutting your stems, make sure you leave two and a half extra inches at thebottom to work with.

This gives you plenty of room to glue into the styrofoam or onto a wreath.

Here's a tip: if you accidentally cutyour stem too short, you can use a dowel rod and some floral tape to extend thelength of your stem.

Foam blocks are great for the base of your floralarrangement.

If you're using a glass container, you can wrap your foam block in ribbonto make it pretty.

For a permanent hold, always glue your floral stems into yourfoam block or onto your wreath.

Hot glue works best when working with foam but if you prefer not to use hot glue, Aleene's tacky glue is also a great option.

When it comes to our floral, we have many to choose from but this Real Touch floralis my new favorite.

Floral arranging doesn't have to be intimidating.

Use these tipsand you can design a beautiful floral arrangement in no time.