DIY. Beautiful organza flower. Kanzashi flower tutorial. Headrim Kanzashi

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Today we are going to make very soft pinkflowers.

To make this flower i use the satin ribbonand organza ribbon width 5 cm.

Cut out the circle from the square ribbonwith sides 5 cm.

Melt circle along the edge in 2-3 cm abovethe candle light.

Then stretch this part and get the waves.

We need to make such waves along all the edgeof the circle.

Cut out the same size circle from the organzaribbon and fix the edge above the fire.

Fold the circle from the satin ribbon in ahalf, spread some glue and fold in a half again.

To make 15 flowers wu need to prepare 15 suchpetals.

Fold the organza circle in the same way.

I mean fold it in a half, spread some glueand fold in a half again.

We need 50 such petals.

Now let's complete the flower fron the petals.

Spread some glue along the edge like thisand stick here another one petal.

Then glue here the third petal as we did before.

Than join the forst petal with the last one.

To make the center part of the flower i usethe perl beads and clear white tiny beads.

Strung the perl bead on the multithread andsew it to the center of the flower.

Then strung about 15 tiny beads on the thread.

And Push the niddle to the back side of theflower.

As you can see there is the eyelet from theclear beads in the center of the flower.

Now we shall make another one beads eyelet.

Push the niddle in the center of the firsteyelet.

So we need to make 5 eyelets from the clersbeeds around the perl bead.

Fix the multithread on the back of the flowerwhen everything is done.

Keep compliting the flower.

Glue the organza petals in the bottom of theflower.

We shall to make 2 layers with 5 petals each.

Complete the 5 flowers.

Now let's prepare the detail from the clerbeads chain.

Sew the beads to the felt circle diametr 1cm.

Please notice that the beads quantity becomebiger from the chain to chain.

The first bead chain consists of 3 tiny beadsthe second one from the ten tiny beads and so on.

I made 6 such bead chains.

Now we shall to prepare all the details ofour composition.

We usw the headrim, 5 flowers, 5 felt circlesdiametr 3 cm and 2 details with the bead chains.

Glue the flowers to the headrim and fix themwith the felt circles from the back side.

So look on this cute headrim with soft flowerson it.

DIY tutorial is finished now.

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I wish you a creative success! And see you in the next tutorials! Bye!.

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