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Hello my dear friends.

My name is DmitrievaOksana.

Today we are going to make the beautiful clipin kanzashi technic.

To make Kanzasi multilayer [məltiˈlāər]petal we need the ribbon in red and white colors.

During the making this flower we shall keeping the exact sizes of details.

Let's make the carton template with sizes 5, 4 and 3 cm.

Than we need to cut out the squares from red and white ribbon.

To make one petal we need 2 squares 5 cm, 2 squares 4 cm and2 squares 3 cm.

Fix the edges under the candle light.

Now we shall make the triangle shape basis.

Just fold the square in a half by diaginaland fix the tips under the candlw light.

After all details is maden let's complitethe petal.

Put the red triangle on the white than jointhe corners and make the petal shape.

Trim the front side of the petal and fix it under the candle light.

Cut off the unnesesery part in the bottom and fix under the light.

Than we need to make the same petals from the squares size 4 and 3 cm.

Now insert the small petal into the big one.

Fix the petals together with the glue.

We got the interesting petal with such tip.

We shall male 6 petals for the flower.

The next type of kanzashi petal has 3 folds.

The 5 cm square ribbon fold in a half by diagonaland fix the tips under the candle light.

Than fold this triangle in a half.

Pick up the tips dub the petal and drop down the tips.

Than join the sides of the petal with the center part.

Cut off the front part and fix it under the candle light.

Cut off the bottom part of the petal and fix the tips under the candle light separately.

Делаем 12 лепестков.

We need to make 12 petals in this way.

To make the third type of the petal we need red bead andthin white ribbon 6 cm width.

Bring the edge to the fire spread some glueand fold the ribbon.

Glue the bead on the edge and wind the ribbonlike so fixing with the glue.

After we wind enough ribbon lengh just cutoff it and fix under the candle light.

Glue together 2 pcs of the ribbon 6 mm widthlike this.

Find the center, spread much glue and stickabout 5 mm.

Glue two edes to this bead.

Make 6 petals.

Glue the multilayer petals on the felt circlewith diametr 3.

5 cm.

Glue the bead-petals among another petals.

In the end we need to glue petals with the folds.

Glue the beautifull decoration in center of the flower.

Now let's prepare the basis for the clip.

Fold in a half the felt circle diametr 5 cmand make 2 incisions.

Insert the clip through the circle and fixit with the glue from the both sides.

Spread the glue on the circle and stick theflower there.

The flower is ready.

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