Đi chời vườn hoa Tulip + cách chụp hình ngoài trời // Tulip festival date (eng sub cc )

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HEY GUYSSSS ! ITS SOOOOO HOT OUTSIDE but I took lots of cute photos so ya, gotta sacrifice a bit 😛 Hey guys, today is sunday, me and Trieu are about to head out and visit a Tulip festival with my parents We are waiting for my parents to come and pick us up so we can go together, save gas lol I'm wearing a spring make up that I made a tutorial on my beauty channel, if you are interested then I'll put the link down below I really like this look because its super simple I'm actually not even wearing any foundation, just eyes and lips This lip gloss is from Dior addict ( 575 ) It's sooooo beautiful, soft and glossy I dont really know how much for one because my cousin gave me couple of them which made me soooooo happy I just thought this lips color looks good with the aqua green eyeliner I have seen this same combo in Lancome catalog , and all kind of asian brand thats why I decided to pair these 2 together my eyes is a bit bronzy I'm wearing earings of JULIA DOAN ( @Floralpunk ) aka an Instagram jewelries shop if you never heard of them, please check it out and show her some support ! her stuffs are amazing and I really love it do you guys like his outfit today ? it looks cute isnt it ? this shirt is from OLD NAVY While waiting for my parents to come I'll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to take better photos So when you are taking photos outdoor, specially with flowers, wearing white and minimalistic is best because obviously you cant compete with the flowers Thats why I'm wearing a white dress today.

a fun way to spice up your photos to bring accessories for example bring a hat, headband ,flower crowns.

for example you can take picture like this add on the hat, you got a different look you can also take photos of your back It helps give you lots of options and varieties I also brought a cute bag to carry all these things, this bag can also feature in photos and make the photo got more character I have 3 headbands in this bag This is the first one, I know its quite colorful but Im wearing a white dress so I think it should be okay We'll see how colorful the feild is later on then I can decide Its because I never use this headband ever since I bought it so I figure I'll take it out today haha This is the second one I bought this at Claire, Its super Cochella , kinda looks like that snapchat filter haha I'm not sure if I wanna wear this though, but the tip here is bring more then what you need, you may change your mind The last one is also from Claire's, it was on sale so its pretty cheap When taking photos outdoor, its best to take it in the morning or in the evening ( golden hours ) Today I'm going at 2:30pm which is not ideal but my mom wanted to go early so I gotta roll with that Also remember to wear cute earings and bangles, etc.

you can have some details shot too In general it'll just give you lots of options and you can look good at every angles I love having cute accessories in photos cause I'm into the boho vibes For example you can take photos of your hands holding/ touch the flowers.

It'll add depth for the photo I dont know why I'm feeling the need to share these tips, I just know I'll be wayyy too focus on taking picture later on and forgets to vlog OHHH last but not least, please remember to bring your lip balm, or lip product of the day to touch up during photoshoot cause nobody wants cracks lips ! thats not cute I'm wearing a gloss today which is so moisturizing but I still brough it just in case oh and a mini mirror too haha so thats all I can think of right now for tips and tricks for better photos Do you guys want to know more about photography / editing information videos ? comment down below to let me know because I do have quite a lot of info to give away 😀 what are you doing silly ? we have arrived to the Tulip festival I dont know if you guys can see anything because its too sunny, I cant see whats going on with the camera This is my cute mom ! mom you wanna say hi ? say hello, I'm filming mom ! this is my dad and his cute puppy OMGOSH ITS SOOOOO HOT but we took lots of cute photos.

Gotta sacrifice a bit you know lol My parents are soooo cute the puppy just got vaccinated today so he has to wear a cone ! poor kid lol.

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