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Hi, I'm Becky RathboneWelcome to Designs With Flair Today we're going to talk aboutthe current trends in the market place We're going to share with youwhat some of the new color trends are the fun new things on the market todayand some ways to mix the old and new to take some things you have around the houseand mix it with a new twist I'm so glad you're here today **Music Plays** One of the things that we noticedwhen we went to market this year were a lot of word itemsalmost every other show room had items that had words on themand so i'm just going to show you some things that we have around the shopthat I really seem to like one of the things is the let it snow blocksup here aren't they funlots of things with blocks and words on them they look really cute just to set up in abookshelf and add a little bit of christmas up intothe bookshelf some other items are, look at the littleThe joy and the Noel with the little birds they're just so sweetthere's a happy Holidays out of Gingerbread that's really cuteand all kinds of ornaments these are really funthe little noel and peace and they come and all different kindsof words on them in round and in the starsthey're just really kind of fun trending a lot of the natural lookthey go really well with our natural tree and the little cut out wordsand this one i think is my very favorite i think I might need to get one of these formy tree they're just really fun if you've been in my store in the last 15years you know how much I love to decoratethe tops of the trees with floral products and when doing this a lot of timesit can make it be a little bit on the dark sidekind of cover up a lot of the lights on the top of the treewell this year when we were at market I saw some wonderful twig branches that hadlights on them they had the little LED lights in themand they look lovely in the tops of the trees it really helps illuminate themadds a new deminsion to the top of the trees they can also be used in floral arrangementslike centerpieces and thingsits a really fun thing that we found and I just absolutely love them Another one of the trends this year are inways of color and we have one of the trends that's verytraditional in lots of waysit's traditional red and green but with a little bit of a different greena lot more of the lime green a little bit of a fun twist with the ribbonsand things look at the curly cues on the top of the treethis would be an easy change up if you're tired of your current itemsbut don't have the big budget change the background itemsthe ribbon the netting the floral and just add your mixed ornamentsand you're going to have a totally different new look another new look really isn't that newit's mixing white gold and silver together look how beautiful this tree iswhat a timeless look the great thing about this lookif you get tired of it you have some wonderful basics to add to anothercolor so just taking the white out and having ared and gold tree or a silver and red treeor a white and silver tree it's a very versatile look that you can usethe ornaments for years mixing textures together really isn't a newidea decorators have used it for yearsbut I have seen some things different this yeara lot of burlap burlap in ribbon mixed with some things withbling some items that have a lot of glitter andthings on them we love our natural snow crusted treeit's a beautiful tree without anything on itbut look how pretty it is with the birds and the pinecones and other beautiful ornaments The last item I want to show you today isthe wreath holder this was one of the fun things that we foundat market the wreath holder is actually adjustableit will go taller or shorter and the great thing about it is it's greatto use in an entry way it just gives a little bit of something thatpeople don't expectyou could sit it on an entry table or a hallway would be a great thingor even in an office and this is just a pre made wreathbut look how fun it is when you set the little owlwe talked about the birds you set the owl up in thereisn't that just the cutest it's a real fun unexpected itemand I love the unexpected now I want to take and show you how to usesome things that you may just have around the houseand how to take them and make them be a little bit christmasyhave a little bit of christmas cheer around the houseI just have a bowl this actually is a bowl that fresh flowerscame in you can take any kind of bowl or maybe a redor green bowl be color christmasy appropriateand I'm going to add some greenery I have a piece of greenery that came likethis and I have a pair of wire cuttersand I'm just going to cut some of this greenery and I'm just going to kind of place it aroundin the bowl where it just kind of comes over the edgesand flows a little bitand then I'm going to add and they are kind of hard to cut sometimesyou have to be pretty strong and I'm just going to add the ballsthese may be some things that you have left over from decorating your tree aroundthe house and just kind of add them into the bowland then I have another pick that I already cut a few things off fromand I'm just going to add some little berries to ita little bit more bling love the bling this yearevery things about the bling and cut these and just kind of lay them inthere and this might be fun to just add maybe ontoan end table or a coffee tablesomething like that and thats pretty much itif I can do that in just a few seconds think if you spend a little bit more timewith it what you can doso just have some fun with it.

Another way to add a little bit of christmasinto your home is to take garland and greenery and just addit to things that you normally would have around your houselike here we used a beautiful garland I just love this garlandit actually has jingle bells and it's just really funand i you take it and use it maybe on a bookshelf with some other figurines you havea mantle or whatever if really looks very prettyand then back here Lets say you have a bookcase in your homeit has books or figurines or whatever on it It doesn't necessarily have to haveall these christmas items on there but if you take and runmaybe a little bit of a berry garland or something on there like we have hereand then maybe add a beautiful pick isn't this lovely a beautiful poinsettia pickand if you take it and add this just onto the shelf in front of thelike I'm going to use it in front of these snowmenjust kind of take it and put the stem kind of you can cut it shorter if you needto all of these little things you do add a littlebit of christmas charm to your homeand just use it all over your house and just have some fun with it so look at the fun items you can havefor the christmas season things with words or letterswonderful lit branches for the tops of your treebirds peaking out of s shelf a new color combination for your treeand some new ways to use ordinary things around the housedon't be afraid to try something new and different be creativeif the budget is tight just do a little bit each yearmake it be a gradual change turn the christmas music up loudand get creative get your family involvedand just have a good time things for joining us todayI hope you're able to take something I showed youand use it in your decorating this season Be sure to watch for our future episodeswe hope to inspire your creativity and have fun while doing it.

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