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this arrangement i star to place a floral composition inside to look decorate as always, i have placed my floral foam , we will see in a moment that you can enjoy this arrangement i have told to you that i already decorate my base of glass and covered with moss the foam i want to save foliage , at the same time all areas are covered is easy to place the flowers for this arrangement i will mentioned one by one the material that i will use i hope one more time you enjoy this arrangement that i present to you with love i will place the curly branches ones stems in vertical way and other ones horizontal direction as a "T" shaping with the rest of stem of artificial flowers i do a clip to place the branches in a moment i will inset the vertical branches now i place the lilies is in both sides, because this arrangement has two faces the second ons slightly apart in both sides so i have face to the front and the back now i place lower lilies and the back the turn of cala lilies one for the front and one for the back now i work the back with cala lily now i will place cala lily in cascading i have curved the stems in another video i have show you how curve the stems we will use another technic with stems false continuity stems, this technic, it is curious because you cut the head of flowers and then you insert the flowers in the foam and in the other part of the foam you insert the stems(that no have flowers) , simulating the flowers stalks pass through the foam i will insert the pieces of stem simulating as the same stem of the lilies places without order i will complement with different foliages this area it looks as they were part of the stems of lilies i complement this area with foliage the turn for roses to contrast with the colors in different heights toward to you i will strengthen the central part i will enrich with hydrangeas in two colors, pink and green you paint with spray paint these tonalities, if you not find the colors appropriate i will place the loops of aspidistra leaves in different directions you have how do the loop, and this is the aspidistra leave i will place some leave in vertical direction that stretch my arrangement in cascading i will reinforce with more foliage to follow the same concept of cascading only reinforce the area to have variety of foliages i do the same in the back these ones are rattan i will insert as arches only to give a touch to this arrangement only make sure it is inserted in the foam doing arches it is a material so easy to use easy to place as arche i place two stems at the same time at the last time my friends i will place this foliage at the bottom of the base this is how this arrangement is, and how looks the glass base decorated moss, some foliages, cala lily, rattan spiral and orchid and all the arrangement that i've been doing with roses, cala lily, lilies, and different foliages curly branches , somehow is beautiful and elegant arrangement and I hope with warmth that you have enjoy it.