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hi friends! today we will make beautiful satinribbon flowers / roses, these can be made in 1- 2 minutes, and the roses can be usedto decorate dresses, hairband, gift boxes, and it looks really beautiful when you usethem.

we need one satin ribbon, i am taking around 1/2 meter in length you can adjustthe length accordingly on how much dense rose you want to make, the width of the ribbonis 1/2 inch , you can also use 1 inch ribbon width.

so lets start first of all make theribbon in 2 halves and then take the lower end and bring it on top by folding it , takeone strand up, and then the other strand , one by one, alternatively, keep repeating it.

keep the grip at the top firm.

i is liketaking clockwise 90 degree turns one by one.

once you are near the end of the ribbonjust hold the two ends and release it from above and now make one circular turn at thebottom and use it as a stem and slide it up gently by pulling the middle strand coveredby circular turn, a beautiful rose is now formed, you can keep the end as it is, orcut them and you fix the lower end by glue, , or stitch it , or put a transparent tape,or tie a knot, anyway you wish , you can fix it, and we used it to wrap over a hairband,i hope you enjoyed it , click on the link for our other videos, give it a thumbs up,comment what else you want to see, subscribe to changing corners for more videos, see younext time bye bye :).

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