Cricut rolling flowers

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okay so I'm gonna make a quick videoabout how I made my rolled flower I'm super sorry about my insane toddlerrunning around being loud but ok so just 3d flower And then I've used this one and i've usedthis one I think this one turns out better sojust go to that one and i have ordered a quilling tool but it's not here yetand I'm impatient so I stole hemostat from work I think tweezers work to you but Idon't have tweezers I think the key is to make the bottomline up in the beginning to roll tight I just do it like this normally I would have my hot glue gunheating up but I can't guarantee that my tinyperson will climb on the table yes thank you can become so I'm just goingto do this for the whole length of it you feel free to skip the end of the videobecause i don't have the software where the skills to edit out this boring partof me rolling and my kids talking to you I think once you get the first couplerolls really tight it doesn't really matter if youaccidentally let it go it loosens up a little bit because stop Logan you're gonna want to loosen up at theend anyway anybody else have this problem where they have absolutely nopeace and they're trying to do crafts? here's the problem with the huge statscome to get it out without messing it up but the first time i missed it up i justkinda jammed it all back in and it was fine so looking ok I'll just finish it withmy hand and then when i get to about here I just kind of let it go a little bitand it will unravel inside try and get it to this the size of thebase thank you buddy you're welcome.

yeah you just kind of fold the base inthe bottom which makes a little gap right here but I didn't like it at firstbut the longer it sits the more open it will get and then normally if I didn'thave a child running around or if my husband was home I would take hot glueand just glue the bottom like so the last time I did it I just held itlike this include the outside edge and that didn't work because the inside poppedout so I just hold it loosely put some onthe spiral put some on here and then glue it and let it open up a little more andthen if it stayed it would be pretty yeah pretty tada.

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