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This rose centrepiece gives every table atruly romantic look.

We combined light and dark pink roses, with carnations, azalea andstatice.

While this arrangement seems very intricate, it isn’t difficult to do as allflowers are placed in floral foam.

The best way to create a lush and luxurious centrepieceis to make sure that all flowers are evenly placed and arranged in a perfect round shape.

A list of all tools and materials we used is in the description.

Before working with the flowers, allow them to rest in fresh water, which has flower foodadded to it, for at least an hour.

If you don’t have a silver urn similar tothe one we used, you can use any other vase or flower pot.

The container should be waterproof,opaque – so the floral foam can’t be seen -, and have a wide opening.

Soak the floral foam in lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes until the foam has stopped bubbling and is fully hydrated.

Adhere the pin holder in the middle of thebottom of the urn and press it firmly down.

With a floral knife, cut the floral foam so it will fit in the container and cut the edges at a 45° degree angle.

Then, put the foam into the container.

Fill additional water half-way up the container.

Cut the azalea into smaller segments of aboutfifteen to twenty centimetre length – that’s about eight to ten inches.

Insert the longestazalea branch into the middle of the floral foam.

This branch will determine the overallheight of the centrepiece.

Place the remaining branches evenly around the middle branch intoa round shape.

Remove all but the top-most leaves from therose stems.

Shorten the stems to approximately twenty-five centimetre, which is ten inches.

Working with one rose at a time, cut the stem at a flat angle and insert the rose immediatelyinto the floral foam.

Fill the gaps between the azalea branches and vary the differentroses.

The roses should be pushed into the foam until they have the same height as the azalea.

Working with one carnation at a time, cutthe stem to a length of twenty-five centimetre or ten inches and add them immediately tothe arrangement to fill any bare spots.

Divide the statice stems into individual branchesand place them between the other flowers.

Allow the statice to rise slightly higherto give the arrangement a softer look.

Once you’ve finished arranging the flowers,look at the centrepiece from all sides to see if it is symmetrical and rounded and makesure the floral foam is completely covered.

You can easily pull out flowers and rearrange them if needed.

Water the arrangement at least every other day.

Remove withered flowers or greenery.

The arrangement will keep fresh longer in a cooler place out of direct sunlight.

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