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Materials Foam Glue Scissors Tulle Brush Painting In today's video we will learn to make these flowers very simple, but beautiful Here we have two molds with two measures in the largest, we make a circle of 8 cm inside the circle with a 2.

9 cm circle 2.

9 cm * we make 5 circles, inside the big circle this is for the largest flower for the smallest one, we make a circle of 5 cm in diameter or, 2 inches and inside with a 1.

5 cm circle (.

59 in) we make 5 circles when I finish I draw it cardboard this is the result with these measures of flowers will do other crafts we draw the flower in foam You will also draw circles of 2 cm for the center of the flower on yellow foam our next step will, give color to the flowers in this case I'll use a piece of tulle I put it inside of a ring we stretch perfectly we will use, acrylic paint to give light to our petals I put the center of the flower under the ring I put the brush in the paint and remove the excess and so is the result Also you can use the different ways of drawings for the flower I only do it to the silhouette of the petals the next step will, cut a little ' the flowers the first cut we do it in the middle and the following only a little so so Our first cut as I said until the center The following step will be give shape to our petals we put him on the iron we leave him there, until the petals swell we remove it with a stick and the same with the center of the flower the following step: arming the flowers we take the flower, and seek long cut in this cut, we introduce other flower the flower is made up of two parts Then, we put the glue it is important that the petals you look in this way Now we put the center of the flower look the simplicity of these flowers and beautiful I put a leaf, so in my channel, I have a video of how to make these leaves in other videos, we will use these flowers.

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