CISA: Flowers | Connecting Point | Feb. 25, 2015

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if you're connecting where regular you know we let's focus on localagriculture working with c6 really involved in staying and culture we feature area farmers growing grainsfruits vegetables even grapes for wine but what aboutflowers will tonight be taking a florist shop and lately or locally grown flowers are a veryimportant part of what they do our local farmers provide so much ofwhat we need and want every day every week of every season ofthe year they can do that because they have ayears experience and they're choosing crops well and theycan use greenhouses and other infrastructure to extend the seasons case in point is here we are in theDEP's a February in winter and yet we're in a greenhouse growingsome beautiful local flowers for us all to enjoy at LaSalle Flores in Whitley Massachusetts I grewup doing it I started when I was three so I've been at this for almost 60 years now we grew up onthe farm here when I was young my grandfather my both my grandparents were growing flowers we always been cutflower growers this is a a green house that was built1952 in the year I was born it's an old LordBurnham class greenhouse in the is 30 feet wide by 125feet long and its been growing cut flowers andbedding plants for a toll-like when I was growing upthis was called the carnation greenhouse and Massachusetts in the nineteenthirties and forties was the leading carnation growing state in the nation's and when they learn how to grow oldcarnations other places better a the greenhouses inMassachusetts turned other things when my grandfatherbuilt this greenhouse we've got these old raised wooden benches that are perfect for growing cut flowers freesia are not heavy feeders so wedon't have to fertilize them a lot a they when they start out they like tobe a little bit on the dry side we discovered that you could plant anice patch in September October November December and they would flower in JanuaryFebruary March April and intimate which is the prime season for selling beautiful cut flowers freesia themselves are not a strongstems flower so we have these two layers love a wire mesh and that a is able to be raised as the flowers growto keep them from growing straight if we didn't have the wire mesh on hereas the but got heavier they would just lay flaton the ground in turn up and the some and IR course are yankee ingenuity these sticksare old tobacco slats that we not and and you said one of those things thatjust works for a scene I'll be an old Yankee myself this year we only playedabout 20,000 evolves wanna my maid may now marketing outlets has gone out of business this year so Iwas afraid to overproduce but this year so far the local marketshave really stepped-up palm you know herewe're lucky in the valley we've got a really strong buy local movement with the helpful up the outlets likeWhole Foods and River Valley market and foster's andthose guys as really allowed us to I'll to sell a lot of freesia locally we lovegetting local flowers thats thats one thing that our costabsolutely on and the reason that they love it isbecause not only are they supporting local farmers and any news or peoplethat they know especially John Seely everybody thatcomes in the store when it reaches here thing you know johnwas helping know his family thing no its quality we can order small quantities and getdeliveries more often and that's really beneficial my theory is if it's difficult to growit's probably not going to be real profitable so if it's easy to grow and a it easy for our system then it works forus and that's what we've found over the years.

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