Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers

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Woman: – Man:- (distant phone ringing) (honks) Girls: (in English) (shrieks) (honking) (screeching) Miki's father's voice: (speaking Japanese) (soft chatterfrom earpiece) Kong: Chern: Kong: (crunches) (whimpering) (groans) Woman:You make me feel so good.

(music playing) ♪ Okay, let's do it ♪ (singing in Thai)♪ You make me feel ♪ From outside,we're just ordinary women ♪ That can be found everywhere ♪ We also have romantic feelings ♪ What makes us different issomething inside that others can't see ♪ Love.


love ♪ I never told anyone ♪ Hiding.


hiding ♪ We can't tell you that we're Chai Lai ♪ Frisky, mightyand sexy like no others ♪ Tender, fragile–everything, you name it ♪ Whoever wants to try us, let me warn you first ♪ We're extraordinary, if you dare to try.

Kong: (laughter) (shouting) (bangs) (screams) Pouy-sian: Spadix: Spadix: Hibiscus: Priest: Spadix: (Lotus speaking English) Just turn on the iPod and you will seethe command.

Tony Jeng.

Somrak: (loudly) Dragon: Miki: Kong: Miki: Gus: (tapping cane) (crowd applauds) (Kong speaking English)Ladies and gentlemen,let's start the bidding.

Who has the business? Who has the highest bid? 50 million! 50 million? – 100 million.

– 100 million? – 200 million.

– 200 million.

Wow! Surprise! (speaking Japanese) (speaking Japanese) (speaking Japanese) (speaking Thai) – (gunfire echoes)- (woman screams) (Spadix speaking English)Get out.

Go! (women screaming) Kong: Hibiscus: Gus: Miki: Dragon: Mei Ling: (singing in Thai)♪ Just come into my heartand you'll see love inside ♪ Find my heart and look closely ♪ You'll know it exists ♪ How hard I even try to openit up and let you know.

(brakes screech) Kong: Katherine: (guns clicking) Kong: Miki's voice: (Miki speaking Japanese) (men yelling) (missile hisses) Spadix: (yelling) (screams) Man: Pouy-sian: Man: (screams) (beeps) (screaming and moaning) (woman singing in Thai) (grunts) (groans) (laughter) (gunshot) – (gunshot)- (screams) (singing in Thaicontinues).

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