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[Sean Grandillo] Arnold, come here Arnold! Hey y'all, sorry, the last one.

I went down there and it was too far away from- Goodness gracious.

I'm tired and unwashed.

Come here, Arnold.

Quality bad? God I hate when people say "quality bad".

come on Arnold Quality bad? Who said 'bad connection', who? Seriously if it's a bad connection just leave, yo.

Fuck! God I hate people when they say 'bad connection' it drives me nuts.


So how's everybody doing? 'Show us the dog'? Fuck you.

Don't tell me what to do.

I'm alright.

I'm a little, uh, lazy.

And um.


Come here dog.

There's the dog! Alright.


Come here.


come here [kissing noises] 'going on as Cinderella', congrats 'Virginia beach' 'Are you gonna do anything new on Broadway soon?' it doesn't, [laughs], I mean I wish that it worked that way and I could just be like "yeah, I'm just waiting until I wanna do something new and then I'll go do it" It is the new apartment, it's very unfinished here's just a quick.

360, this is the bedroom.

It's nice, it's big.

It'll be nice once we- 'out of a billion', oh.

How do you know I ask people one to a billion? Feels good to be verified 'what episode of SVU is Sean in?' It's called 'A Misunderstanding' and I believe it's episode s.


I don't know I actually have no fucking idea maybe 12.

Yes I got that lamp on craigslist I've only seen Waitress once, at the dress rehearsal 'fave TV show you've been on' I don't feel like I've been on that many TV shows, I'm always thrilled to have a job look what this little fucker is doing um.

literally kimik- I know, Kimiko (Glenns)'s great ow! that hurts! do you even fucking care that that hurts when you bite me like that? he doesn't care, it's literally attention, please stop Arnold Color Purple is fucking dope ♪ it's like the color purple, where did it come from ♪ yes I was in orchestra 'are you alright?' I'm fucking fine- who's too old, bitch? you riley-ass bitch, how old do you think I am? nice, dude I have not seen American Psycho- [Arnold growling] yo, that's where I draw the fucking line, Arnold sorry [Arnold growling] no.

[Arnold barking] um, pan- [Arnold barking] Arnold.

[Arnold still barking] [still barking.

] No! No! Jesus, fuck If Arnold could talk, he would have, like.

I don't know, I would hate him if he could talk he's so annoying look, um look at like, what my- I sit on this stool, which is a nice stool, and I, like, play videogames 'My camp is looking for broadway people to do a masterclass' I mean I could do something.

I don't know how much I really have to offer though 'are you gonna get a TV table' fuck you, bitch, yes, it's getting delivered now like, ugh, it's just rude to make fun of our lack of, um, furniture- oh my god, my hair is gross, I'm sorry, it's filthy let me- ugh, fuck it fuck it ♪ fuck you all ♪ stop, dude um, yo, yo yo! I live with Meeks 'Marissa Nicole 43' yeah I really used to look like that [southern accent] my hair was like down and errywhere it was fantastic [humming] I don't know how it would look grown back like- Alex Boniello? alright, I'm gonna answer like, three questions, and then I'm gonna go 'What do you and Meeks do on her day off?' She's been busy Don't hate on Bonnie, verified on twitter doesn't mean anything milkshakes, for sure over smoothies ♪ we on a ultralight beam ♪ Snap Chat is my name, 'seangrandillo' 'What did you do in high school?' I was popular.

And I played basketball.

And was in orchestra I wasn't that popular, actually, I was like.

good enough socially, but then I started doing theatre when I was, um a junior, Wyse getting verified means something cause he almost is, like.

a twitter personality 'were you singing Kanye?' what did I just say? I didn't even keep up with myself was it like ♪ we on a ultralight beam ♪ ♪ this is a god dream ♪ ♪ and this is a god dream ♪ ♪ this is everything ♪ I can half play cello, but not really ♪ when they come for you ♪ oh! um, I have a playlist on spotify- my middle name is Gregory- called '2016' that is pretty dope 'Is he verified cause of his viral tweet?' no, he was on Broadway, he's an actor, he's been on quite a few TV shows and he is funny on twitter 'I'm going out to dinner and I dont know if I can wear jeans, HELP!' when in doubt, don't do it 'yeezys or never having to pay your bills?' never having to pay bills 'and foreign dairy commercials' sometimes I make this face at Meeks and she tells me she doesn't wanna be with me anymore, when I go wow, that actually looks like one of the snapchat filters, like look isn't that weird? isn't that fucking weird? That's really weird um.

it does look like the drag one, yeah! I don't know, I don't know how playlists on spotify work that's that, dat's dat temperature change shit dat's dat temperature change shit alright I'm gonna freestyle, I'm gonna do a Lin Manuel freestyle leave some words, um, and I'll like start incorporating them into my freestyle yo, yo, ok, yo yo, yo, yo ♪♪ I'm 'bout to freestyle, let's hope that my brain leaks the first word I notice in the list was.

Meeks and she's my girlfriend, I love her, I can guarantee I got eyebrows that beat yours, sorry aubergine, man, that shit's cheating Imma keep on going, man, this shit's sweet and a panini right now would be so good with melted cheese I'm from Ohio, yes, C-L-E, or the 216, that's where I came from, bro I need a tissue cause my nose needs to blow you just heard me snort it a minute ago I'm on MTV Scream, bitch Oh! but I won't stop, I want a milkshake too my eyes, you're always talking 'bout em, boo hoo dat's what I do, when I cry, the tears come out there's some wood in my house ♪♪ fuck that [laughs] sorry, that was.

I tried it, it started being a delay with the words and then I was like, should I do more on the words or do more of my own freestyle ♪ we on a ultralight beam ♪ no, 'say pop instead of-' why would I say soda instead of pop? so I can be the same, and like, fit in? I've always called it pop.

I cannot beatbox write a rap musical look at my patchy-ass facial hair it's close, in- in the places where it grows it looks kinda cool but it doesn't grow enough oh well! [fake laugh] 'fave element on the periodic table', fuck that shit I don't like Cap or Iron man 'you called me an asshole on twitter and a bitch on periscope' no, I think you're so hot Riley, you're chill 'should I even care about school?' 'what is your patronum?' 'what is your patronum?' I'm talking to y'all right now that's so weird uh, have a nice flight dude or Delilah, not 'dude' Delilah? oh you have a boy picture, but.


[riffs] I'm 'bout to call my friend Johnny cause he done texted me bro I hope he texts me again I hope he texts me again 'who would I play in Rent?' I played Roger once sorry I'm being so weird right now I'm in a weird mood and I'm way way way up! I am way way way up! favorite song right now is ♪ I can only give you what I have, I can only give you what I have ♪ ♪ I can only give you what I have ♪ 'I Can Only Give You What I Have' by 1st Vows Ryan Hunter was the lead singer of Envy on the Coast and it's his, like, electronica project 1st, the number 1, 'st', Vows V-O-W-S listen to that, yo hold on some chocolate on my hand [laughs] [laughs] 'are there certain fans you hate?' No anyone who, like.

is interested or like, treats me in any way that could even be considered "a fan" is really fucking.

outrageously amazing and kind! 'Rumoured alone' with a 'U' unless you're from London gtfo with that 'U' [arnold growling] no Arnold! no! unless there's someone at the front door with money for me I don't want you to bark at the door what the fuck.

yes I did 'would you ever do a little concert like Kathryn?' maybe I'm not really confident enough I'm quite poor live Chicago, shot town city I can only do this this way I can't do it the other way, look ♪ I would go ♪ 'Am I writing any more music right now?' yes! ♪♪ Imma try and record a album this summer If I don't then that will be a bummer I want a hummer but for that I need some money but my shit's sweet like honey it's funny how it comes to me when I think I'm dropping it come over here Arnold! Door's shut, I'm not popping it you better be stopping it or I'll put you in your crate I know I love this dog but sometimes it's more like love-hate a love-hate relationship that's what I got it's a little chilly in here but it looks like it's hot because the sun is out and I'll- ♪♪ 'Sean you're not poor.

live, you were on Broadway' at first I thought that was 'poor' economically and then I was like 'yeah I was on Broadway which like means I'm poor' but poor live.

'please a rap track on the album' But I am- here, wait, let's look, take a peek the color of my flesh minus maybe like a little blemish or discoloration is white [whispers] I'm white 'are you writing another bible song for money?' 'schnippers or City Kitchen?' ok I don't know what the fuck 'schnippers' is so I'm gonna go with City Kitchen sorry girl! 'especially with that glare' 'thoughts on your SVU character?' Eh Eh Eh can we gif that? 'You so pale', fuck you, bitch ♪♪ I'm so pale and without melanoma stay in the sun, get older, then I'll show ya you'll know then that you made a mistake you gotta wake, up to the facts now or cancer's there, kaplow that's not a joke, I'm just warning you wear your sunscreen I know I yell sometimes, I know I seem so mean but, I'm not I swear to got that's god with a 't' cause rappers say that a lot shit, that's weird.

Can't really grow a beard it'd be bummer if I had to ♪♪ yeah, "cancer's there, shapow" was a bit of a stretch, but, fuck it 'first person to guess your fave emoji gets a twit follow' 'can you grow a mustache?' probably, cause this is only like a few days um.

yo, oh shit, did I end it? what is this? Hide that, oh, sorry ♪ I can only give you what I have, I can only give you what I have, I can only- ♪ 'thoughts on west end?' THE west end? 'am I still filming for Scream?' well not right now!.

but yes [deep voice] but yes, in all seriousness I will, uh.

be going back to New Orleans soon to finish what I've started 'Sean I have to go, have a great rest of your day', Ok 'what's your favorite cuss word?' I mean probably 'Fuck' 'such an actor', what the fuck does that mean? 'who are some of your faves from the Scream cast?' the entire scream cast is so fucking nice, like.

down to earth, really cool so fun to chill with, they've like, accepted me as a friend even though I'm the newb and they already have a crew 'do I miss Andy?' Andy's omnipresent 'what should I do when I meet you?' say hello and I'm gonna offer you a handshake and say you're a hugger cause that's what I always say to people 'last thing you watched in netflix?' I watched The Circus last night but that's showtime watch: almost normal.

sleep deprived but I like this blueish coloring, actually like you would have to take out this shadow, but the blueish coloring is almost like, heroine chic y'know parks and rec's pretty good this hair won't stay up it won't stay up 'Dane Dehaan chic' yeah! no, heroine chic, like, it was a trend in the 90s got some shit in my eye it's not a new haircut, it's filthy hair sorry bitch! um.

'which Mimi in Rent is your favorite?' I mean the original is so dirty and I love her for that um.

[hums vocal warmups] ♪ lost in the wilderness ♪ 'have you ever gotten injured?' yeah [singing] that's kinda chromatic [singing] 'I had to do that, it was hard' 'least favorite word?' probably something hateful ♪ I've heard it said.

♪ 'favorite monarch', that's a stupid question [british accent] 'Ever been to London?' I 'ave never been to Ireland [Irish accent] I wanna go to Ireland 'I just learned my name in sign' 'where else did you apply besides Ithaca?' Boston Conservatory and Ithaca were the two I was choosing between and I'm strange, so I thought Ithaca would fit me well.

And it did I have been to Chicago what do you think I am, some kind of fucking hermit? some kind of hermit? squirming around these questions like I've earned it 'what about Toronto?' I have been to Toronto 'I'm thinking about AMDA', AMDA, west or east? oh, that was a funny one, with Wyse it's ok to be sing- listen, live up your singleness, it's really important to do that then when you're in a relationship you'll appreciate all the things about being in a relationship more and you'll just feel like you know you're in it for the right reasons if you really live up your singleness, um.

yeah 'You been to Atlanta?' yes I got bros in Atlanta yeah I've been to Atlanta I have not been to south America but I'd like to go 'what do you know about Portugal?' I know that portugese is one of those languages that I'm like.

really confused about [laughs] what a weird answer list, 'list all the big cities you've been to', why? yeah, live up single, and then live up a relationship, it's also really dope france I'd like to learn francais 'I have to go, but can I get a-' Bye Lucy! bye Lucy live your truth, like, live your energy and um, just like get yourself to a mat at least three, four times a week if you're not getting to a mat.

your personality falls apart when you don't get to the mat and, you have to get to the mat and make sure you're meditating every morning just like, free your fucking mind because there's all of these, just like, there's toxins in the area.

There are toxins Sophie.

Sophie! 'do you know THE bo burnham?' I know of him! 'are you auditioning for stuff rn?' yeah some stuff, not too much right now we're sort of in between seasons, there's like.

the pilot season at the beginning of the year where they're like casting new shows and things and that goes on through the whole thing then there's what's called episodic, where.

you audition for, like, episodes of this show, and like episode it where they have the main cast but that's like.

yeah 'who's one of the people you remember from the stage door?' [Arnold barking] shh, alright, I gotta go y'all maybe? come here Arnold! what a d-bag yeah, I should go.

For myself, I'm gonna play Halo! does anyone have xbox live? Is anyone here male? if there's any males in here, type 1 what was your question again sweetcheeks? if I had extra money I would buy a coupon book because a coupon book.

I could probably afford the coupon book but buying the coupon book is sort of foolish if I don't really have money to buy the things the coupons would help me buy right? I know, shush, oh god now I'm gonna get sexist shit yeah I'm as sexist as everyone and as racist as everyone too, like accidentally, bullshit, like asking if anyone here's male after everybody is fucking.

on xbox live fuck y'all, fuck, fuck, fuck I'm not sexist, no I'm, I'm more female than sexist tbh 'hey, become a patron for my marching band' 'you're just realistic' alright, three questions, deep questions, and I'll answer them and then I've gotta go 'are you watching The Flash?' no, that's not a deep question though 'if one celebrity had to play the voice of Arnold-' I don't like that question it's stupid um.

'what is the meaning of life?' 'do I believe in God?' it's weird, I do.

believe in the possibility of a god, which sounds so trite, but.

'happiest day of my life?' uh.

[sings] 'how do you know we're not in a dream right now?' because we're not, bro.

Sorry girl! um.

'in an afterlife?' not, not a real, like.

not an afterlife in the sense that you're aware of having lived a life like I, I think there might be some sort of soul, something, maybe but I don't think, like.

in your afterlife you can think 'wow I lived on Earth' and have any of that same consciousness but I could be wrong! yeah, well the middle finger emoji looks weird, it looks like a little.

like a little poopy 'dead or killer?' I don't know can't wait to go back and film more, though 'I've never thought of it like that' 'greatest strength and weakness?' greatest strength, I think, would be something to do with my.

either have confidence or feign confidence and greatest weakness is probably extreme laziness and procrastination extreme.


'TWD or GOT?' 'advice for dealing with anxiety or stage fright?' stage fright I think you just gotta do it I would put those in a different place, like I've had anxiety attacks on stage where it has nothing to do with like, stage fright or anything like that anxiety's a personal thing and like, looking for advice is good I think all the advice you need though, is just everyone experiences it, to some degree you have to realise, what I've done to deal with mine, and I still have it, but in the moments I just have to keep perspective, like what are the real problems in my life what, what is this concern actually about am I actually gonna die? No.

I, I zoom out I really just zoom out, and try to, like and then you have to live through the anxiety momentarily or, like, long-term, you have to live through it but if you just like, zoom out and realise that, even your anxiety is real and justifiable but.

it's not the end of the world and you have to keep going literally like.

the Jews were slaves in Egypt, for.

centuries and you have to live through it.

Like our problems compared to that? fuck.

There's people dying right now, yo! oh! and I was thinking this thing earlier you know how, like, super extreme extremists of any type are really fucking annoying, but you know how like.

even like, semi-extreme, like this is, alright, to me.

religious people that.

[laughs] are.

really, like, expressive of that religion sometimes annoy the shit out of me except!! uh, jewish people I don't, I don't seem to mind ever when jewish people.

maybe they just never do it because they have, like sense, and tact, and taste, and social graces but jewish people, even when they're expressive of their religion it always seems, um.

it seems less fucking annoying to me yeah 'personal opinion' I said it was a personal opinion, yo! jesus, ok, what, are you an anti-semite? jesus.

but yeah, no, it's just like.

I don't know.

I don't know.

it's very bizarre.

And I'm Catholic, yo! Sorry girl! so I'm not talking shit about anyone in particular that I may not even belong to um.

yeah there's just like, I don't know like I've never, I've- here's what I should have said; fuck, what is it, fuck every religion and love every religion the same, like poo poo poo, it's all poo now that.

that's nullified.

I've never been annoyed by a jewish person's expression of their judaism period bitch! no you can take it personally! I mean in person I would probably say the same thing to you, and like.

I do this thing where people, like and I kind of do it to the persicope, but like in person if I offend someone then I just jump on them and push the offensiveness till it's so much it almost cancels itself out I'm just so charming and wonderful! 'you're a keeper' 'true story' I do have jewish friends, I do theatre I like that you have that phone case 'you're also eventually spongen on' thanks, girl 'nice sweater', thank you! alright, that got pretty deep Uno mas? Or, should I just go now? Spongebob I'm one of Sean's jewish friends yeah.

[whispers] I don't know who the fuck that is I don't know who the fuck that is oh god shush 'is Melchi jerking off literally or metaphorically' like, who gives a fuck, bro? however you take it is real see it 3 times and think a different thing every time, y'know? goodness gracious, yo 'why do you like livestreaming?' because youtube is a little weird where I feel pre-planned with it that's not.

this just feels natural to me and I think any way, like of getting yourself out there in a natural way is valuable that's why I like livestreaming Gin Gin 'most important achievement?' um.

Spring Awakening as a whole was an achievement but I would also just say, like my move to LA for Spring Awakening and all the little things I did about that, I'm really proud of mini crawf mini crawf 'best hugs?' probably Treshelle (Edmond) notification 'I hate my twin, what do I do?' that's hilarious what you should do is tweet that or make it your twitter bio that's funny as shit 'I hate my twin, what do I do?' I say 'gif' and I hate people that say 'jif' and I think 'jif' is correct, there, I said it but 'gif' just sounds cooler I'm gonna tweet 'I hate my twin, what do I do?' Bye girl!.

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