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His words were lost words once so clearly only sounds Penetrating the night The lines on my face Your fingers oldest signs They come as a picture the way it was Thoughts return Frequently, now strange I The whole body entrained in the wind The Spring brings rain the winter brings pain Every season It has an end I will try to see through mushroom mask for the clouds that were there hiding the sun The sun Thoughts are coming back Frequently, now strange I The whole body entrained in the wind The Spring brings rain the winter brings pain Every season has an end This is the end.

Man! You never met Don Juan? When.

Not even once! Then why worry? Then why worry? Fantastic.

I had no idea that my funeral could be so delightful.

Of course she happily ended your career.

He finished? Stops and still think as you were All these wrinkles, these grooves, these gray hair.

You could ruin any party, even a funeral.

My Ochi.




It is majestic look.

Women and women and women.

The eternal desire of women for love.

Almost I gathered all my things.

You look like you got love letter of one of your mistresses.

I have no lover, Sherry.

Come on! Ok.

I accept that.

No, you do not accept it.

But anyway.

Thus eisai.

Den will never nallaxeis.

I do not think.

I do not want to be.

with a decadent Don Juan anymore.

What do you want, Sherry? What do you want, "Don"? I mean, I look like your mistress, except that you're not even married.


Look at your friend Winston next door.

It seems to go great.

You not like to have a family? So, what do you want? I do not know what I want, but I just want to find out for me.

With you.


Can I call you sometime.

Sherry; What are other than a woman? The same as you! Nobody asked.

Do not kissed.

It was a shameless lie! Yes, it was a psema.

O my Don Juan tope for himself.

It was only advertising.

It was not! You are not.

And who you are ordering here? Who am I; Don Juan told how I'm the girl the girl whose kiss who was looking for his kiss thousands of female lips! I was unique.

He did not love each other both in life! Ha! In both loved it went straight from you to another.

Loved me! An ugly woman like you.

Beast! Donkey! Snake! Pig! Pelt! Ferret! Pelt! Ferret! Yes; Hey, Winston.

Are you at work; It's Saturday.



No, just I got up.

What, you can not get to the site? Yes.


I come immediately.


A coffee thatan that need.

A cup of Ethiopian coffee.


Good morning.

Day, Don! Hey, you two.

Your eyes on the Cheerios.

How is the sweetest grape on the vine? I'm fine.

Winston is back in the computer, in his office.


Thanks, Don.

What's Winston? Hello, Don.


I can not go to the website.

I need your kompiouteristiki experience.

Yes; What's up; It looks like an entire system unraveled affairs detective novels.

to solve the crimes.



see? Again click.

THE couches ago.

Calm down.



Come on, Sherlock.

Madness, madness, madness.

These information like my big guy! I love the "network".

the whole world of information.

through the wall, click.

Sure you do not want a computer at home? No.

It seems so strange.

One who has all the money.

the computer does not want to have a home.

Opa! Opa! This is extremely interesting.

Supposedly, you can use it to write a mystery novel.

or to solve a complicated crime.



Are you ok; What? Is something wrong? Probably nothing.

A! A love letter from your adorable ladies.

Something like that.

Will read on.

"Dear Don, sometimes life surprises strange".

"It's been about 20 years that we have to see each other" "But now there is something you need to tell you.

" "Years ago, after the end of our relationship" "I discovered that I was pregnant.

" "I decided to keep it and I gained baby, a son.

"In your son.

" "I decided to grow my own Why does our cycle.

"I had already closed.

"My son is almost 19 years.

"Is something the shy and secretive, unlike you, "But a sensitive, wonderful person.

"Before a few days left for a mystery trip, "But I'm almost sure he looks his father.

"I do not I say almost nothing about you, "But he is inventive and resourceful.

"In any case, if it is so, and it is indeed true that your address, And so, just I felt I had to say on.

" No signature.

or sender address.

Hey, congratulations! You're a father.

Ah, You really matters upset with this.


I can see it ;; The address is handwritten, but by printing.

Red ink on pink paper.


Red ribbon.

weird "Dear Don, sometimes".


This seal is too faint to read it.

Forget it.

And you have no idea whose it is? At all.


But dec know, You look like, um.

like Don Juan or something.

Don Juan.

Need to go.

You want to keep the letter as proof? The.


Hey, am I.

I see it.

There is sorrow here, man.

You care; The Sherry is home? No.

He left.

What do you mean, "He left" ;; He went trip? No.

I mean, he left.

I 'm sorry, man.

Yes me too.


But, dec I know Sherry, probably has not played her last card.

Correctly; Probably not.

However, you never had problem to find interesting women.

I mean, something like scrolling sou.

Sosta life? You look like.

like Don Juan.

Winston, please stop in to say that.

As for the letter.

I just edit the seal under the microscope.

And it's so faint to see her, but grammatosimo- depicts a woodpecker.

What tells you that? Nothing; Well, what is It should be doing.

put down the odds.

Winston, someone makes me fun.

If not, then.


It is so unfair.

someone to write such a letter.

and-and-and not sign? You do not want to know what the mother of your child? My hypothetical son? No, Winston.

I do not want, okay? Ok.

Then we can fly.

we? We, of course.



She jumped.

But then how would recognize something like this? -Chreiazetai To edit this sign.

– What kind of sign? The direction of your life.

From now on.

You must unravel the mystery.

and to find out which of your women.

she was left pregnant before 20 years.


What happened to Kane awesome CD that you write? Here is.

What do you care; Oh Lovely.

Sounds from Ethiopia.

It is good for the heart.

Look, come back tomorrow for, um, Sunday morning, and, um, we will discuss in more detail for the research project, huh? This will put it there.

Go home and leave me only slightly.

Okay, dude.

I adore you.

I think how topragmatiko name of your father is Sam Speint.

There is my father Sam Speint.

No; He thinks he is Sherlock Holmes? No.

Okay, I know that is one of the great detectives.

Mike Chammer! No, not Mike Chammer.

Oh, Xero.

Einai this guy gives eleimosyni.

Sosta? No, not that.

No; Fell.

Keep your eyes open.

It can be merciful.

No! Mona, Thanks.

He was so sweet.


Nassau well.

Truth; What time is dinner? You are the most perfect woman in the world.

Hey, Hey, ei.

Katse to tell you.

She is mine.

Come, come, come.

No cigarettes.

Nacheis appetite.

Your wife cooks so well.

I wish I see again the pink letter again.

Let me see it.

Tokapsa last night.

in the microwave.

Yes, little girl Rita? Dad, smoke again! No no no.

It's simple blade of grass.

It is a small Cheeba.

MMM; Let me see it again.

He is right.

They simply jute.

see? A small purple plant, baby.

'Why Mum says, "No other smoke anymore.

" Yes I know.

Ι surrender.

When! Never! Not another smoke.

In Comp.



Come, come, come, come.

Let me see you again this mysterious letter.


What we need to do for me is a directory.

A directory.

I possibilities for what can be the mother.

Give me a list through out your struggle girlfriends and.

And then I can plan everything.

Oh, I must go home, Sherlock.

Only destroyed the letter just finish with this, right? I edit the list.

Hello, Winston? What list? No, not yet had time to think about.

Speak disappeared from mobile? Yes.

It's okay if I run and dive and the list? Certainly.

Why not; Great.

Wait a moment.

No other information or.

could it be? Not exactly.

They live there or their families.

This is all I can remember.




Sorry about that.

No big deal.

Look, pal.

Tocho overcome.

The next day, I'm ready for everything.

Exhausted yourself.

Don, my friend, almost finished the break of my food.


What's up; Look, I have all the info right here, based on the list, and with the entire project.

Reservations addresses, names of spouses, in some cases even what their job.

However I have some bad news.

What; The girl was called Michelle Pepe? He was killed in a car accident.

5 years ago.

I found the name of the cemetery where.

to, wherever located.

The little girl Michelle Pepe? Yes.

I am sorry.

but for the other four.

I found everything.

Well, it is.

very impressive, Winston.

I honestly do not know why takanes all.

What to make of that? Look, your whole trip.

it was completely designed.

room bookings, car rentals.

Everything you needed.

– All you had to do was to give them your credit card.

– What are you talking about; You go to the meetings.

You go home.

The see.

Give flowers, pink flowers.

Simple control.

Simple control.

I found even maps.

Everything you need.

And I wrote a new CD, see? This travel music.

That's all I got.

A little coffee, please, Avis.


But few tips.

Traditional Clothing, just classic.

Do not stop for anything.

And always, always keeping flowers.

Pink flowers.

And looking for signs your son.

photographs, everything.

or hints, such as "pink letter" and "red ink".

Manuscripts, if possible.

lest any typewriter found.

Bring me that typewriter and then I can epicheiramotologiso matching typing.

the letter.

You're insane, Winston.

Even if you could possibly mexapatiseis mafti nonsense, did you not, I'm not a detective, I'm a secret eye you your crime novel.

Forget it.


What, after Austr this work I did? Fine, do it.

Paz trip.

I will repay.

I; Impossible.

I got three jobs and five kids.

And, next, is your life.

I have preplanned part of the strategy.

But only you will solve the mystery.

And why this? Why you can not understand women.

Let me ask you something.

I suppose I go this ridiculous trip, and we say this kid really exists, and displayed.

while I'm away.

Don, do not worry.

I watch your home every day.

Yes; And then? What are you going to do; – If you come? – Comes.

Do not worry.

I see it.

Oh all right.



Look, my left 7 minutes until I hit my card.

Tomorrow morning, en route for the nursery, will fly to the airport.

No problem.

I will find you an early flight.

It can not be done.

in no case.

I'll wake up tomorrow at 7:00 a.



I want you And I want you The right way I want Listen, but I want you to want them too The right way, baby As I want Egg, oh! I'll give all the love I want you back my sweet love But half the love It is that I feel Egg-oh Do not play with something that thagapouses life Oh, baby None of your business Not only love out there I want you The right way, baby I want you baby As I want to want me and you, baby began began began to want to want them too Love me and my NHS Baby Oh, the way you love me like I love you My mom does not mafinei wearing bikini.

I do not think your mom saphenous to come on the trip.

Oh, he does not know.

I mean, he knows, but I would think because I'm with your family.

No, I will not mafine to come, and then you completely tapairnes me.

What if you get my mom? Not going to get.

He thinks he is here.

You see, it is perfect.

not, it will be good.

Do not worry.

Wait, wait.

What; Do not worry.

Should I get my mom? 'Because it tells me all pslemmata for you.

I want to go to the party tonight, and I can find cute guys.

This guy is very sweet sitting beside me.

Do you see him? Oh, God mou.

Einai sweetness.

Do not nailed on it.

He is sweet.

It looks like a super model.

No, it looks like the model of Calvin Klein thyself side bus.

Oh my goodness.

He's fantastic.

Now looking right at us.

Think ally will get something to eat before we left? IM starving! It is that you need the perfect mixture to be fattened.

Oh my God.

Know! We like COW.

you got older.

I look so fat.

Donuts girl.

Search for information like the typewriter, like something pink.

Death very easy.

Hello, I'm Laoura.

Ego, Don.

Remember me; Hello.

Who you are; Don Johnston.

Truth; You're Don Johnson? Yes No.

Johnston with a "T.

" Oh.

A, is the Laura Daniels, who before were Laura Miller, lives there? Yes.

It's my mother.

Well, I am a very Palios boyfriend, And I can see you uh, over.

well, they passed through.

To my mother coming back from work shortly, so we sat down.



These, My name is Lola.

And to call me Mrs.

plain Lo, but my real name is Lolita.

Lolita? Yes.

Well, I.

do not.

do you want something; Why we popsikls.

– No thanks.

– Well.


What? You got any brothers? Why; Thinking that I need? Oops, whoa, I'm my phone.


Only stay here.

Right back, okay? Done.

It seems so bright and looks so charamismeno And, baby, I know why take my money take my time take my sister I do not care It's so crazy.

Truth; Both sick.

Is not.



Beats my mobile.

Front; Yes.


Once the spoke.

It's crazy, okay? Know.

Can I help you with something? Donny, is that you? Hey, Laura.

What are you doing here? We have chicken for supper.

It was something like a form not wore before.

Well, here we are.

Then Larry disappeared like a comet.

So it was, and now I am the Ms.


As in the TV.

I am sorry.

Lo, your head looks like a pineapple.

– Mom! – It does not like? Yes, it's like pineapple.

So, what, yy.

where do you work; A Mom has her own job.

So; Yes.

Seriously; I epagelmatias closet organizer.

Come on.

No, I arrange the closets of people.

Even underwear.

I record everything.

The rearrange everything.

Even the colors.


And pay for it.

It's amazing.

Lolita, I told you.

Lolita! I told you only to try.

Now Ela.


It's not funny.


Interesting choice of name, Laura.

What; Donny, I heard that develop your business a few years ago? What exactly are you doing; Ypologistes.

Opos, high-tech products.

Greater technology than pencils, I guess.

Mister stylish pants! Yes, my pants are stylish.

And then? I see you have one auction room? Argh, with tsakoses.

It's something I do on Saturdays.

Yes, The Larry has all this crap in the garage, and.

And expected an kanonisa neighbor to put a mark on us.

Funny thing is.

Going to sell anything wrestling, such as typewriters? No.

This is the 20th century.

You did all this way for one to get a typewriter, Don? What to you want the typewriter? Palios asked a friend to take a look over a typewriter.

Once I remembered.


You know, I forgot to make dessert.

A, Don not eating Popsicles.


What are you doing; I was looking for a typewriter.

A! Remember.



Goodbye, Don.

Goodbye, Laura.

To come back sometime.

See you, Laura.

Lo! Get out.

Shoot a couple garment over you.

Can I help you; Yes.

I'm the Don.

Remember me; Oh! Don! What.

what are you doing here? I brought these flowers.

Very beautiful.

Do you want to spend? Well, What brings you here ;; Look, I was nearby, and told to spend.



How did you find me, right? A! In computer.

They can do everything.

Very nice place here.


It is a good example.

My husband and I are dealing with real estate.

We sell land Pola.

and prefabricated houses.

Or is it already knows and that from the computer? No.

Your card is pink.


The Ron, my husband, I thought how good thatan if mine were pink and his own blue.

Maresoun these pearls.

I have to give me? I do not think.

It should.

It's strange, your appearance.

Yes it is.

My husband.

Hello! Where is the little perfect trad.

Well, what have we got here; Hello.

Don Johnston.

I'm really old friend of Dora.

You do not look very old.

Somewhat old.

I'm Ron.

Don Johnston.

It is an old love between you, right, sweetie? Don with discovered quite unexpectedly.

Nice to meet you, Don.

Ron and Don.

Don will stay with us for dinner? Hope.


F truth I can not.

Well, you certainly able.

Correctly; Sweetness; Computers? Should the voyage lucrative job.

Yes, I'm going pretty well.


Well, work with real estate go perfectly for us.

Right, Hon? Initially I had an idea with bottled water.

I believe that in the future, water will be more valuable than the petrlelaio and gold.

Why say.

Dying of thirst, you can not drink or sip fuel.

Correctly; The gold in this case.

Dude, you're absolutely correct.

But for now, we decided that real estate and luxury "prefab" houses.

It was the best start.

And has quite profitable.

Hon, very nice flowers.

Don, I want to show you something.


This is not the best picture? Wow, yes.

Yes; It's crazy, right? The small my faithful Dora.

My adorable Dora.

Young chippisa.

Pretty, Ron.

Now, you can put it back in place? I'm sorry baby.

Obviously you brought memories, uh, Don? I pulled this photograph, is not it? You know, it's strange.

how changing people's lives, right? Do you have kids; Well, this is.

this is a sensitive issue.

You see, I always wanted to have kids with Dora.

You know, I speak for our own children.

But she never wanted, so I respected it.

I do not know if I could spend the time and patience in order to be a good mother.


to Ron's children.

I'm just happy that I Dora.

You Don? Married; No, I'm still a bachelor.

Bachelor; Children; He said how bachelor.

Well, sweetheart, you know.

You never know.

One or both could have escaped.


No dec know.

Hey, Winston.

A crazy suspicion.

Look, I do not know what I do here.

I walk to nowhere.

Yes, I saw her.

Yes me too.



Without evidence.

Without typewriters.

You could rent me, something like, a Porsche or some car that I could drive it? My star sign is Taurus.

I have done everything you wanted to do, you know.



I had enough.

I think what I have to go now.

Yes, But.


I do not think I wish I see her.

No, Winston.

Winston, let me.

let me talk to you later, right? Wait.


Let me talk to you later.

Please; Ok; Thank you.

I will tell you in a moment.

Ok; Ladies and gentlemen, We are in the landing process.

please turn to your posts and make sure how the seat belts are secured.


I heard what you said.

and heard what the Dr.

Markofski said.

You must believe in yourself.

I respect you too.

I understand how you feel.

I understand, and I will try to do better next time.


He wanted a lot of courage to say what you said.

I am very proud of you.

And I want you to know that I think what you did.

very well.

and trust.

Yes, undoubtedly speaks to iguanas.



Retake on Monday and we'll schedule you and Igky.





Sorry, Mr Johnston ,, but Dr.

Markofski receives only by appointment, And he is in a meeting now.

Do you bring your pet? O.

Ochi, D.

Den I pet.

I'm an old friend of Carmona.

uh, Dr.


Carmen has a really tight schedule.

Should anyway one minutes long, If you sit.

Yes OK.

No, no, no And of course I want to forget you, Cleo.

Yes, I promise.

Sefcharisto, Dr.


– Hello now.

– Hello, Cleo.

See you next week, Mrs.


What we have to follow? Don? You animal psychiatrist? No.

I'm a communicator.

You and doctor now? When we were together, you were so passionate to become a lawyer.

I mean, you were.

very passionate.

Yes, but passion is a strange thing.

I have a doctorate in animal behavior.

But it was probably after our relationship.

It is a strange story.

I love for bizarre stories.

Well, I was a very successful lawyer.

I had no life, though, outside of work, except for my dog, Winston him.

Call him Winston dog? Yes.

But then he died.


I am sorry.

Oh, no.

It was, eu.

Many years ago.

But my new ability was this gift.

The gift of Winston.

Okay, to get in again.

Anyway, After the death of Winston gained this gift to.

to read the thoughts of animals? No.

I told you.

– No.

– I'm epikoinonitria.

You see, immediately after the death of Winston.

I realized that I could nakouso animals speak to me.

I mean, how did not know anything about this before.

And I do not read the thoughts of animals.

But when they want to communicate, I takouso.

You know, as we speak.

But we do not read each other's thoughts.

He said something? Tells how you got a hidden agenda.


To said that? I think it's better to go back outside now, Ramon.

Animals can tell us what they want, but this does not mean that they are better than us.

Yes; Sorry, Carmen, Mr.

Renalnto and Skippy are here for the next meeting.

Oh all right.

Well, give me one more minute.

Sorry, Don, but I really can not nafiso the Skippy waiting.

You could say that the Skippy would go to my car? What you say about later? You get a drink? No.

I do not drink.

Maybe something to eat? Eh.

I do not eat.

Not eat? We are not going to ride? I know you walk.

Not how I feel.

You have a typewriter? Typewriter; Are you married; You know, I think it would be more good he was leaving now.

DCC, come on, Carmen.

You can not answer me? No.

"No," that will not answer me? No I am not married.

however I was.

Children; Yes.

I have a daughter, Lianna.

Is 16 years.

It is in Sweden.


You may ask for you? It seems like I've told you the whole story of my life.


I? No.

I am not married.

Definitely no.

And I have no children.

I; I should be that I know? Sorry, Carmen, but Mr.

Renalnto and everything Skippy waiting in the waiting room.

I know.


I come immediately.


Finished my time.

So, goodbye.

Hello, Carmen.

Mr Johnstone? Forgot your flowers.


Sorry! Sorry.

Forgive me.

A, do you know which is the Atwood Street; I'm lost.

Oh! Hey.

Hey, all right.

It is OK.

I can help you; Penny lives here? Who asks? I am old Penny.


Don Johnston.

It is in the house.

Go around.

A dividing door.


Penny? Hello; – Penny? – Yes? Dons.

What the heck do you want Don? Uh, just I thought to make a visit.

Just to check.

Well, I do not remember any happy ending between us Don.


reconciliation, nothing.

By Penny quit.

remember Me? Yes.

Very clean.

Great! And now what do you want? Everything okay over there, Pen? Do not know yet! Damn.

What is it you want? Penny, you.

You have a son? Ante choke, Donna! Danny, grab the bastard.

Penny! Shut up.

I did not say anything.

Which, in the solution, is your problem? Just leave.

No, what you do and get overwhelmed so Penny, eh? Just wanted to give me an answer to a question.

Yes, I know you asked kati.

Tora, listen.

Now, listen.

I do not think what is very discreet of you.

You come here and try to hurt the feelings of Penny, You know, to revenge or something.

It is a great rudeness.

Said pink, right? It is the best because it's pink, yeah.

A, You're good to them.



Are you alright; Do was a small misunderstanding.

Matter to take a look? Oh.

It's too bad rap.

Have you wash all? Little.

We are with you pamper.

What's your name; Like.

San Green.

San Green ( "Green sun"); Perfect.

You; Don.

Don Johnston.

Truth; Don Johnson? Johnstone.

With a "T.

" Nice.

If you go applicable to this path, I will find the Riverviou cemetery? Yes.

At lofo.

Tha see the entrance on your right.

Thanks, San Green.


Hi, cutie.

Red ink or pink paper.

I do not know what I want.

He says you have one hidden agenda Universities in the solution, Donna.

Make the round, please.


The wheel of fortune turns.

Spin around.

Stops, nobody knows.

My boy.

This is my description, Sherlock.

The result of what brought me.

This is; and after those abs, you can not know what is the mother of your child? Correctly.

But there was this typewriter there.

And the pink motorcycle.

And pink was the Dora labor card.

And-and-and bounouzi of Laura.

I think that the whole phase is a farce, a failure.

Until we learn, you should have me write the letter.

Look, I'm sorry they wounded Mola.


feel how it was somehow my fault.

It was.

Weird way, quite, but, uh, The dead dog Carmen was called Winston.


Look, buddy, I've really done some work over to them.

I think it was very important for you to know that you son.

I mean how is your life.

You have to live your life, right? I lived my life Winston.

and I continue.

What is this; It's pink.

It's a note I found in my foyer when I got back.

Red ink on pink paper.

It is from Sherry.

What; From Sherry? Why not me topes? Can I see it; Envelope and paper not exactly the same size.

You know, the handwriting.

seems to match the address on the envelope, but I'm not sure.

The Sherry wants yet.

Do you think that Sherry can be sent the first letter.

and made the whole thing just to be fucking with you? Who knows; Look, I have to go.

I think how I have little time to go through the home and compare the handwriting.

I hope to prollavo to knock the input card to work on time.

Are you coming? No.

I need a little break after those abs.

Well, do not worry.

Still we are trying to solve this mystery.

There I saw at the airport yesterday night? I do not know.

You have seen? Yes.

You hiker traveler? Yes.

Something like that.

You look hungry.

Buy you a sandwich or something? Well, no, I'm okay.

Can you calm down.

I'm not gay.

Neither cop.

Just a guy who sees another who needs a sandwich.



But we could somewhere to sit? Somewhere better that does not stand out so.


What you would say for a great club sandwich? I am a vegetarian.

Eat cheese? Okay, bring the.

I'll be right back.



We found a place.


Let's see here.

Big cheese sandwich and herbs.

with mushrooms.


Big size.

Two waters.

Two coffees.

My mom puts them there.

for good luck.

Thanks for the food.

Oh No problem, Captain.

With you said leader? Yes why; What happened to your eye? I be.

Crashed with someone.

Someone was first.

You villain? No! I wish.

No, I was, eu.

I was in computers.

Computers and girls.

Tell me about you, chief? Interested in philosophy.

Philosophy and girls.

It sounds very good.

You think; So, like a guy who gave another guy a sandwich, You have any, like, philosophical advice or anything.

a type of itinerary kind? You are asking me; Yes.


The past is gone.

I know this.

The future.

he is not here yet, Anything can happen.

So The only thing is.



This is.

Are you a Buddhist? No.

You; Eh, I do not know yet.

Sorry that's all I can offer at this time.

No, I appreciate it.

Marese what you said.

Shall be better than some such, paternal nonsense type.


as does your father? Oh, that is not a good example.

Well, should I go, big guy.


Sefcharisto once again for the sandwich and all.

Wait a minute.


I know that you think I am your father, right? What; Just tell me.

Can you talk to me, chief.

Dude, come on fuck me.

Wait a moment.

Hold on a moment.

Hold on! 2: 34: 05.

500,1193: 02: 47,295 Yes, sometimes.


Mou like cheese.

Source: Youtube