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Dedicated to fans BOF in Forum Indosiar Recently announced Shinhwa Group, as the largest company that is a sponsor for the London Olympics in 2011.

Dipertengahan this global crisis <I> Since Korea started developing Shinhwa Group into the company number 1 </ i> <I> has experienced growth and development to achieve the ranks of well-known companies </ i> <I> His name is Shinhwa.

</ I> <I> Electronics Company, oil, telecommunications and even car.

</ I> episode 1 Korean residents may not know the name of its President But you must know two letters Shinhwa They had to build his own kingdom and make them as Korean conglomerates Hello, This is Shinhwa.

<I> Founder Shinhwa summoned to the Blue House to receive an award (Blue House at the American White House) <I> Because it has become a company that exports goods to the value of millions of won the first time in history, </ i> then he said <I> "Sir, please allow me to build a school for my descendants to learn.

" </ I> Private Schools and stood Shinhwa Making this school assisted by the President who saw the economy as one factor that is more important than education For that reason he made special rules for admission to school it There is even a word you can not introduce your business card unless the child has graduated from a private school Shinhwa School Shinhwa followed only the 1% only, entered the 1% of its course, and adjusted the 1% And this school became known as an elite school There are several cases of children the upper middle class Who since birth has enrolled in kindergarten Shinhwa But still can not sign But once it is accepted you will open the road without stopping to elementary, junior high and high school and even university This is what makes most of the students feel awe and envy <I> and also the elderly who suffer because of the difficulty of admission university </ i> However, there is something unexpected happens to students who are lucky in this school.

<I> Oh, Min Ha! </ I> Approximately what we want to do to you? You bastard! <I> Get him! </ I> Let go! What do you mean you coming? I'm from Jandi Services Laundry and Cleaning Services.



He did not give up! Quickly find him! He is above, <I> capture fast! </ I> Where is this? This is really a school? Hey! Roof! Roof! Lee Min Ha is now on the roof! What? Is it true? – You do not lie to us – No, I'm not lying.

<I> Oh, really? </ I> Lee Min Ha? Lee Min Ha ?! <I> What I told you, right? </ I> He will not last more than a week.

Hey, actually she has survived 3 days <I> But not exactly 3 days </ i> This what you want, right? Okay, I give you guys want.

<I> Wait! </ I> <I> Wait a minute, Lee Min Ha! </ I> <I> No, I mean the buyer! </ I> What.

who are you? I? By the way I am here to send your clothes! Jan Di Laundry, 30,000 Won! Okay, I understand, 20,000.

5,000 Won Your sport shirt I give a discount, but you have to be a customer.

<I> { a6} </ i> When I die, you can bill to my family ah,.

not so.




dead? Do you want to die now? Why? Why? you get into the best schools.

No, this is not a school, It's hell.

Sorry! Hell actually exist outside of this building.

You've heard the entrance exam? You ever heard of F4? F.


what? F4? What is that? Once they give you a red card, you become a target for all schools.

I for example.



ahhh What this school there are no rules !? That type of weak children gathered together and act as a strong man If this school, I would catch it and give them a lesson! Alas these fools very lucky friend Huh? Because they have a friend like you.

ah it's not nothing.

No! No! <I> [plebeian Brave, who is he? What's behind the school Shinwha?] </ I> <I> Persecution by classmates at school Shinhwa </ i> <I> This happens in the Elite School Shinhwa? </ I> <I> Rescue this child is Wonder Girl </ i> <I> He was not from a rich family or the family that has the status of.

</ i> He's just an ordinary high school students who came to school was to send the laundry clothes <I> Children rich.

If nothing else you can do </ i> <I> It is better you take the entrance exam </ i> <I> Special Education only for private purposes remove Shinhwa! </ I> <I> As a parent who has a child, this is something that can not be forgiven.

</ I> <I> Starting tomorrow, do not go to the store Shinwha.

</ I> <I> Shinhwa Group, give us an explanation! </ I> give us an explanation! Give us an explanation! <I> Delete special education! Remove special education! </ I> I'm here to be with people who ask for an explanation of Shinhwa Group and want the special education system is removed.

<I> Let's hear some opinions from residents.

</ I> <I> Hello, why are you here join this demonstration? </ I> My friend had to drop out of school because they are persecuted.

<I> We have to face the pressure of stress for the entry exam, </ i> <I> while they are free from the pressure of it, rightly so.

</ i> Jan Di, you know your nickname? Hero of the commoners, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman Successor today.

Jan Di Laundry, spirit! Send a girl to school Shinwha Wonder! Stop it! But.

Flower Four it? What are they looking like people say.

I will not regret anything dihidupku if able to meet them <I> Flower Four? </ I> Flower Four? Yeah, right.

Supposed to be a Fly Four (Four flies).

They only four flies are annoying.

<I> Jan Di! </ I> <I> Look here! </ I> <I> What did you think and feel? </ I> <I> See here! </ I> <I> Here! </ I> <I> Please take a look here! </ I> <I> Jan Di! </ I> <I> Jan Di! </ I> Does the school for smart people? The school was not even a school of art and foreign schools It's clear these schools only for the rich.

Our country needs to pay attention to equality bourgeoisie it.

<I> [CEO (Director) Kang Hee Soo] </ i> Excuse me, ma'am.

Currently, the Department of PR (Public Relations) have been working together other Departments to reduce the pressure from the public Reduce? Is this the result after you have done everything !? How can you let the name Jun Pyo out of the mouth of the reporters? I really apologize about that.

Do you know why the public is scary? <I> Because they're stupid.

</ I> Once they act crazy then it is difficult to stop them.

They can not negotiate with reason and judgment.

Someone started a fire she also should be responsible extinguish it.

Director, Prime Minister calls.

Yes, I Kang Hee Soo.

Yes, the situation is not unstoppable even more attractive.

I never expected to be away from the paparazzi.

All of this would have happened if I did not send clothes there Hearing School Shinhwa and F4 me a headache.

<I> [Services Jan Di Laundry] </ i> I am home.

Oh, he's here on time! Jan Di, greet.

She said, here on behalf of the owner of Shinhwa Group Director.

Huh? Finally, now I can see the famous Wonder Girl.

Nice to meet you.

I did not push True, the fact that they are the only F4 that.

I am here just to, Jan Di, my son, do not be surprised yes.

You're given the opportunity to study at the School Shinwha! You can learn there! A.

what? – Actually.

– The director would appreciate talent like you.

and give special scholarships! Special Scholarships! Pupils scholarship? Why did they give me? Actually, that ye.

Noona (older brother), you have participated in a junior swimming team since now you have the chance to swim again! Pool again! Do not want.

Why? Why not? Noona (older brother), are you crazy? I've been happy with my situation right now.

<I> I do not deserve to go to school like that.

</ I> So I do not want to go there.

If you are happy to go home.

Jan Di? Please reconsider.

No, he does not need to consider again he will start coming tomorrow Baikklah means tomorrow we will see him at school.

Whatever happens, I will send them.

Please make sure he would.



You know the saying "A real man would not have changed his mind after a decision" Mother! Do not shout! If you have eyes, look at that! School Shinhwa! School Shinhwa! School Shinhwa! School Shinhwa! School Shinhwa! Noona, Who would have thought this day would come? For the first time in my life I am proud to be your sister Although it has to be like this, you're still going to say do not want to go? Do you know how much their school fees? I do not care.

Mom, I really do not want to! Others so crazy because even though they have the money and smart, they can not get.

Tell your excuse? You do not remember that once you say ?! Rich people are just showing off how much money they have I used to say that because of envy.

Hey, this is actually like a gift from heaven, who is not willing to accept? I do not know, I feel nothing unpleasant about this.

Whatever you say, I'm not going to leave you have to accept it, okay ?! <I> But you loved to swim.

</ I> You said you want to go to school that has a pool.

What do you think of anymore? What I like the little boy who easily persuaded because there is a pool? <I> I did not go.

</ I> I do not want.

I shall never approve it! Wait.

Wait a minute, lady.

I will go now.

Geum Jan Di, spirit! Hurry up and get in.

<I> The cleaners here, BIII.


</ i> <I> Jan Di laundry.

</ i> <I> Laundry herein, laundry.

</ i> <I> Jan Di BIII.


</ i> It certainly cost a fortune? Look at this? Is not this nice earrings? They only import 2 items only from Japan Only mine, guess who else has? Who? Gu Jun Pyo.

Great! To be honest, I wear this look better than him? May I borrow it.

Me too, me too! Where is this? Uh.

do you know where the location of the swimming pool? Ah, there! Thank you! Sorry to interrupt, please continue Goodbye.

<I> That's F4! </ I> <I> Get off there! </ I> What can I do? I'll give you three seconds.

Huh? What? Three.



Woo Bin, there was still some juice? Yes.

You want? <I> Are you okay? </ I> Crazy bastard! Everyone was silent, they why the hell? Why are they just standing there not doing anything? Oh, my God.

I can not believe what I was hearing Who are You? We? Oh yes we have not introduced myself.

We are.




We are three of the most beautiful in Shinhwa.

We're talking it later, was who would you call crazy? what do you mean to our F4, transfer student? F.

F what? You mean the boy's embarrassing is F4 which has a bad reputation? bad reputation? mean famous! If you are not careful with your mouth, you'd be really in big trouble.

I heard you got a company washers tomatoes Tomatoes but not companies washers cleaning services.

What's wrong with that? It's the first time I saw the owner's son cleaning services, Very interesting.

Have a look all you want, I do not ask for payment.

Since this is your first day of school, we will let you What? You talk bad about our F4! What I do not do that? I mean, what was nice of them? Wow, a transfer student, you really do not have a clue about the F4? No, none.

Let's go.

Song Yoo Bin, is the successor to the building of infrastructure Il Shin, one of the best architectural firms.

<I> There are even rumors that half of the island of Jeju are the property of the company, </ i> <I> This is a big company with a lot of real estate buildings, its history of more than 50 years </ i> <I> I understand, so he's the big boss.

</ i> <I> They still have a number of leisure club and its assets, </ i> <I> He's quite a lot of success, so they called him Kim Wang Jiang.

</ I> <I> Yi Soo Jung The youngest person who made his debut in Vienna at the age of 16 years </ i> <I> Immediate-known to be an expert ceramic incredible.

</ I> <I> UNESCO chose him to be one of the best young artists.

</ I> <I> At least one of its members to rely on its own merits.

</ I> <I> Do not think all the smart people are poor.

</ I> <I> Family Soo is a family that started the revolution of art, </ i> <I> they have a Museum Woo Sung.

The owner is a grandfather Yi Jung </ i> <I> The museum had a grandfather? </ I> <I> Museum Woo Sung, they got? </ I> <I> How much is it? </ I> <I> Do not try to imagine you're going to hurt </ i> Is not that a picture of President long? You know the little boy by his side? That member F4 Yoon Ji Hoo.

<I> [son Yoon Suk Young Family in a car accident, who survived only 5 years old granddaughter] </ i> <I> So Yoon Ji Hoo is the grandson of President Yoon Suk Young? </ I> <I> You know Su Am Art Center, where Sarah Jang perform at the concert? </ I> <I> Su Am Cultural Foundation, European Football Team, and Team USA Major League Baseball, it's all theirs.

</ I> <I> This is the young man I admire most in the world Goo Joon Pyo.

</ I> <I> [The Rich Man's youngest World] </ i> <I> I do not need to introduce to you is not it? </ I> <I> Even children aged 3 years to know who he is He is the successor of Shinhwa Company Group </ i> <I> Gu Jun Pyo, leader of F4.

</ I> <I> It turns out that 4 people it is F4? </ I> <I> There's no way </ i> Pyo Jong Goo! <I> You're like slop </ i> What's F4! You like flies! Should be grateful for a decent life since you were born are already using a golden spoon in your mouth Successor Companies Shinhwa like you really curse a disaster for the country! I'm warning you better.

Do not appear before me.

One day when I had to call senior, I'm going to jump off the roof Yoon Ji Hoo.

You also disaster.

I could not sleep because you're so noisy.

Sorry, I thought there was no one here.

What is it all true? What? I'm talking about the plunge? I meant.

Did you hear everything I say? What? Dirty water? or part of a fly? Oh, yes Jun Pyo.

What? name Gu Jun Pyo, not Goo Jong Pyo If you want to curse someone, at least you should know his name clearly.

Wah rice balls.

What's good from rice pudding? Rice balls? <I> They were really nice, and nice too.

</ I> Oops.

What is this smell? <I> Oh no foul once.

</ I> <I> It came from here.

</ I> Oh, my God Very bad Transfer student, why are you eating regular food supplies? You did not see it? I see.

So what? For my family could not have lunch at a cost of 50,000 Won.

Then, do you plan to continue eating lunch this disgusting? Yes I'm planning on.

Oh, my God.


<I> That's F4! </ I> <I> F4! </ I> Mi Suk, fast.

What should I try it? <I> Please come again </ i> thanks.

He came from Germany? Yeah.

she is beautiful too.

I thought she was a doll.

A relief, finally you quickly find friends.

I worry that you will become a loner.

I'm a loner.

What? You're right that I'm a loner.

But I'm very grateful that they left me alone.

I sat cornered until I graduate.

Who are you? Where does Jan Di who first? The girl who gave lessons to children of school heads when they bother me in kindergarten, <I> The girl who fights against evil girl who robbed the time in junior high.

</ i> Geum Jan Di then you strong.

What is wrong with you? Then I have to do? If I make trouble and was expelled from school, my mother would kill me Is it true? You think I give facials with cucumber for our advantages? <I> In fact, there was no excess left over for your father </ i> <I> This is an investment, okay.

</ I> Investments what ?! why did you throw food like this? You will be more beautiful if you wear this When later the time comes, the ugliest child disekolahmu they could be the best husband candidates of any company matching.

<I> If it's like that, then this is a great investment.

</ I> Right, honey? Do not talk, I'm busy I'm looking for a good angle.

Mom, I do not want to have this child Ouch.

Why dad ironing uniforms? Your hands must be very tired because it has been working all day.

This material best outfit I've ever seen over 12 years of experience in the cleaning business.

Even normal people can not get this material for her wedding What are you doing? Noona, can I borrow this dress Sunday? Jandi is similar dress with designer clothes consider this as heirlooms.

Be careful and good care.

Understand? This is my clothes If my hands are tired.

I did not feel at all Geez boy's Sweetheart iron the inside with good too.

Geum Jan Di strong girl is not dead.

No matter what they did to me I still have to say something I should have said.

F4! There is still a possibility you will die tomorrow.

<I> That's F4! </ I> <I> Where?! </ I> Sunbae (senior) Jun Pyo.

This is for you, I made it myself.

Please accept.

Goo Jun Pyo we will not eat anything except cakes made by the best cake.

What do you want? You want to say something? True, there are really to say.

There was so much I wanted to say.

You! Have you no manners? I know you're rich, then I do not expect you to be good You could turn it down, if you do not want the cake Oh no You have to accept it because he was very sincere! What would you do if he planned to commit suicide, bastard? <I> Who are you? </ I> You want to say something? There is no.

Why do you swim like that? <I> You could pass out.

</ I> I'm punishing myself.

Punishment? Did you make a mistake? The penalty for a strong girl for being so cowardly.

You're better now? Yeah.

The reason I came to school there all here.

What are they? The swimming pool and Oh Min Ji.


Sunbae (senior).

I'm sorry, Sunbae (senior) Jun Pyo.

You apologize? If with a word of apology can solve everything, So why do we need a law and why still no police around? It's my fault, I'm going to buy a pair of shoes of the same.

You, do you even richer than me? What do you mean? If you want to do, you will not.

These shoes are made in Finland, How can you get the same shoes? I am really, really sorry.

Baikklah I'll do whatever you say Whatever I say? Yes.

This lick.

What? I say this lick.

Sunbae (senior).

Are not you going to do anything? What are you going to stop? Hey.

so he fell due to his desire The apology should have been enough You again, Miss nagging? Hey, grade 2.

It seems not long ago did you come here but the American style here against regulations.

Your words are too rough Ahh, apparently so? So you're the famous Wonder Bra? I guess since it was Wonder Woman, supposedly size to at least the S-Line or D-Cup.

It turned out disappointing.

It was a relief to disappoint.

Is it your style.

meddle in the affairs of others? why do you want to intervene? He is not someone else, she's a friend.

Maybe you're a rich kid, Does not recognize the concept of true friendship? <I> Friendship? </ I> Ok now show that the concept of true friendship.

lick my shoes What? If you lick this I'm going to forget that this ever happened.

What are you doing?! Are you richer? Do you make money themselves? What? Meddler is konsepku? Dealing with a rich and spoiled children who use power konsepku parents are real! So what? Ditempatku costs 2500 won, but I've mengkalkulasinya to standard Kang Nam if not lost, you can bring it to me <I> What the hell is this? </ I> She think she is! What's wrong with Jun Pyo? I guess today a severe shock to her.

She's been like that all day.

What is wrong with you? why are you so serious.

Do not bother me.

I'm really upset right now I do not care if he was Jandi (weeds) or Jap Cho (grass) I have to think about how to teach him a lesson.

Why are you so disturbed by this? Do it just like the old way.

Ah you're right, you're so clever.

Jan Di Cleaners.

You're dead now.

There he is! There he is! Geum Jan Di grader 2 <I> was a red card of the F4.

</ I> Who does what is a football pitch? what a red card.

Hello? Hello madman.

Is your desk missing? Supposedly your desk here? How can someone like you learn with us? Why do you come to school us? My book.

Move! Move! Go, Annoying, Rude, Disappear, go die You're dead now.

Who did this? If you have something to say come on out !! Who? Jandi this dress similar to designer clothes suppose as heirlooms.

Be – careful and patient well.

This is my clothes If my hands are tired I did not feel at all.

Do it! Do it! Do it again! Hey, hey.

Bring a little oil – We should fry – What do you mean? – You want to make pancakes? Do it! Do it again! I think that's enough Who says enough? I still want him to come and genuflect to me.

That treatment is suitable for persons who disturb the wolves sleep? Instead of a lion? Looks like he will not be able to survive for a week A week? I bet three days.

Yi Jung, if later on you lose most of the existing ceramic dipameranmu.

Should be given to me.

Someone who can not even distinguish between a ceramic pot with a vase.

Surprisingly all.

My lover is a fan of So Yi Jung.


If I win, give a phone number Super Girl.


You two better keep quiet.

Now he's supposed to come here.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

<I> Tada! </ I> Yes, right certainly embarrassing for him if met me in a state so.

I was too worried about her Repeat Five.





What are you doing? You're doing it right? Why has not he come? Where does the child? Give up? Easy for surrender.

Maybe I was Jan Di (weeds), does not mean you trample me like that! You interfere with the wrong people.

Did you ever eat noodles to tears? Have you learned freestyle swimming at the public bath ?! We commoners could possibly die if it does not have the fighting spirit and patience Lots of eggs here? They never understood flour as valuable as gold They deserve to die.

Useless once I could make some cakes with these materials Oh, my God! Who is there? <I> Geez you always been noisy.

</ I> Kau.

Kau know how to make hotcakes? Huh? Hot cakes (pancakes).


you just add milk and sugar to the egg and flour and stir frying pan pour into a tray, After it is finished.

Same thing with pancakes.

Very easy.

Sweep your hand.

I do not need.

I'll return another time.

I will not come here again.

Here is not lonely anymore.

thanks only to other people.

<I> Sorry, Jan Di.

</ I> <I> I'm sorry pengecutku nature.

</ I> I think for this outfit costs 30,000 Won.


Sebenarnya I know the price is not that much, Ahjussi.

If you want to finish quickly, the price to be expensive.

Look at this dirt on their clothes.

I've given you the lowest price because it is uniform.


I'm a businessman son cleaners.

If not, so be it.

You can go into the Service Jandi Laundry and Cleaning.

There alone.

Why do you like this, Ahjussi? Okay 25,000 Won? Bon appetite (please enjoy).

Yo, yo, yo.

Wazzup man? They only accept one group per week, I have already booked since January but still can not turn.

How did you do? This one is better (this is better).

– You're right (You were right).

– It's a beauty (It's good).

(Enough to make your cooking tasty) Enough to Make your event finer cuisine.

(Who is telling you that I cook) And just who told you that I was a chef? (Hand your beautiful seductive) Your delicious looking hand.

Do playboy instantly know by looking at her hand? If you playboy'm sure you know the cook 3 in the Michelin Guide.

Not surprisingly, my bro, yo! Yeah.

Did you do what I say? Do it right, not to fail.

Understand? Let's eat.


Hey girls Mom! Are you crazy? This time the girls are trying hard to slim Let's see you do Mom, you want me slim like them too? You'll have a great diet and making your body so that a rich man is interested in you.

<I> What are you thinking about now ?! You think we're rich, influential? </ I> Or are you smart? How dare you say merendakan diet that tone? Give the rice pot.

Can not.

Now the most important thing for me is to fill my stomach rather than to diet.

Hey professional swimmers today should be slim so be famous.

<I> Look at professional swimmers Kim Yuna? </ I> You're a young kid and you do not know what was to be a trend? Give the rice pot, hey Jan,! Do not want Give it to me! Mom, Kim Yuna was runner profesioanal.

Kim Yuna is not a swimmer, but a runner! Stop! <I> Hey! </ I> <I> Give the rice pot! </ I> <I> Hey! wait a minute </ i> <I> Jan Di.

Pot of rice.

</ I> <I> Jan Di.

</ I> What's wrong with my stomach? Do a little prominent.

Sorry I can not take care of you.

I will reduce it by swimming.

If from the beginning I was going to school like this I probably could go to the Olympics.

What is this? What's wrong with all this? Gu Jun Pyo! hey, why do you keep laughing yourself? Now he must be explosive.

Who? Is the cleaning girl? You're still playing around with it? Wait a minute, how long has this? It has been more than a week.


Give me the number.

There would have thought he was so strong.

She was the first girl ever to survive a challenging F4 Strong? all of it because I was too lenient with him Ji Hoo now where? I think he slept somewhere else.

Let go! <I> Shut up! </ I> Translator English: Minsquare91Subs and WithS2 Indonesian Translators Translators: noB33 Timer: noB33 and WithS2 Please do hardsub / included in streaming Thank you for your cooperation.

<I> What? You can not find </ i> <I> You're useless! </ I> <I> I heard the sister school girl there who was pregnant.

</ I> <I> What? </ I> <I> Hey all.

you smell disgusting here? </ I> <I> Hey! Geum Jan Di! </ I> Childish of you to do such a thing to a girl One of them is no different.

<I> Who is he? </ I> I think he's in love with me.

What? <I> Handsome, Tall, smart and rich.

</ I> bagimana can you not like Gu Jun Pyo? Are you really stupid? <I> He's waiting for you.

</ I> <I> Who? </ I> <I> What prince? </ I> <I> Is this a dream? </ I> I do not know what happened but it seemed interesting? <I> Why are you here? </ I> This is my house? <I> You are always noisy and disruptive,.

</ I> <I> Do Ji Hoo sunbae and models, Min Seo Hyun know each other? </ I> <I> For Ji Hoo, its existence as first love, his girlfriend and mother.

</ I> <I> Geum Jan Di! </ I> <I> Ju-Jun Pyo! </ I> Senior Gu Jun Pyo falls into the pool! Waking Jun Pyo! Open your eyes, Gu Jun Pyo! It's Free fansubs, not for sale !! Get free at lautanindonesia @ com.

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