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Crochet mollie flowers purse You can recycle an old purse πŸ™‚ What do you need? Yarn (recommended for 4.

5 mm knitting needles) Crochet hook size US G (4 mm) Scissors Yarn needle Sewing thread and needle Purse or pencil case to recycle (with zipper) LetΒ΄s begin.

Making a mollie flower Make an adjustable magic ring Row 1: chain 1, 6 single crochet Close the magic ring join with a slip stitch to 1st chain We just finished the flower center Now we have to change color to work row 2 (petals) Cut yarn and pull You can see that we used the same color for all flower centers (yellow) For the petals we used 3 colors Row 2: insert the crochet hook in any chain Repeat in each chain: *chain 2, work a popcorn stitch of 5 double crochet in the same chain, (Popcorn stitch: work 5 double crochet, drop the loop from the hook, Insert the hook under chain of 1st double crochet stitch, and grab the dropped loop with the hook and pull it through the chain chain 1 to close the popcorn stitch), To finish: chain 2, slip stitch in the next chain of the flower center Repeat in each chain: *chain 2, 1 popcorn stitch, chain 2, slip stitch in next chain* Here we made the 6 petals Finish the last petal join with a slip stitch in the 1st chain (of petal 1) Cut yarn and pull Make the amount of flowers you need to cover your pencil case or purse Calculate how many flowers you need for the width and height of the bag For the base of our purse we need 6 flowers We will join the 6 flowers You can recycle any purse or bag.

It can be rectangular (as ours) or square shaped Or it can be bigger or smaller.

How to join the flowers For our bag we need to join 6 flower for the base Face 2 flowers by the front side Match the petals Thread a needle Make a knot and sew 1 petal Sew taking only the external loop of each chain To sew the other petal pass the needle through the petal Sew the 2nd petals the same way you did the 1st petals Make a knot To join the next flower pass the needle though the flower Sew the 3rd flower and repeat until you join the 6 flowers Here we haver the 1st 6 flowers together Repeat join 6 flowers 5 times more (calculate how many you need for your bag) Here we have all the flower stripes Join the stripes sewing the petals The edges are in zigzag because we'll sew them later Sew the stripes turn them and sew the petals To sew the petals use the back loops of chains only To sew the edges, face front sides fold the flowers and sew the petals Repeat in other edge Introduce the bag and sew it Sew only the edge to the zipper If you want make a bobble cord as the bag handle And that's it.

! Remember that you can use other colors combination Or recycle any size of bag πŸ™‚ We invite you to keep watching our videos,.

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