Biznagas – Malaga’s traditional jasmine flower arrangements

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Malaga is a very symbolic city.

One of the most emblematic symbols is la biznaga, another wonderful heritage from the Arab people.

Biznaga means 'a present from God' in the Arabic language.

Biznagas malagueƱas are handcrafted flowers of jasmine with a very strong, summery aroma.

The flowers are picked very early in the morning, before they are opened, to make it easy to bead them.

Later in the day, the process continues by beading the jasmines one by one in a spear thistle, forming a beautiful and aromatic flower ball.

Normally, the whole family works together.

Biznagas are put onto a fleshy cactus creating a base for a wonderful bouquet and at the same time, to carry them.

Biznagueros are traditional vendors, dressed typically.

They come out to the streets of historical, downtown Malaga to sell them, giving off its fantastic, sweet perfume.

Things like this make Malaga a very unique place to visit, for its beauty and its traditions.