Beautiful flowers in world

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These are the flowers,which could bring us a relationship.

Looking at this, we remember the Poetry ofMr.

Jandyala Papaiah Sasthri These are the symbols of human heartwith clarinet on every branch.

Blossom with colours andhave great music in them.

These colourful flowers with petals just like thoughtsare the precious gifts to human given by the nature.

We wonder to their existence by lookingat these many types of flowers.

Who has given this much beauty to them? From where have they brought these many colours?We would wonder, if we think about it.

The number of varieties we couldfind in humans as well as in animals.

There are those many varieties in flowers.

We find many varieties like this.

With different colours,they give us a thrill in nature.

Looking at these flowersitself is a great experience.

So flowers are the beautiful smilesof nature in this world.

Source: Youtube